1. Ashley

    As someone who works at home too this 100% resonates with me. Some days I would love to report to an “office” just to be surrounded by other people and be inspired. It’s definitely something where you have to take the good with the bad. Getting an outside office space with other people would be a great idea and so much fun!

  2. Lisa // Elembee

    I feel the exact same when people ask me how I like Tulsa. It’s really hard to meet people in a smaller city when you work from home! I’m moving downtown next month, so hopefully that will help since I’ll have more options for working out of the house occasionally. Can’t wait to see your new space!

  3. erin (@erincg)

    this is SUCH a great dialogue, meg! i echo most of it myself, so you rally are NOT alone. sometimes i forget to leave the house, i’m just so focused. thank gosh for my pup – she’s often the reason i leave the house – to walk her! your decor picks are great, too. just planted loads of succulents – they are so sweet and charming. x

  4. bri

    i’m having similar problems feeling alone since i’ve had my son. the mamas in my neighborhood are super opinionated so i don’t want to go to play dates. so we spend a lot of time at home playing just me and him. i’d love to get out more, just haven’t figured out how. hopefully moving in a couple months to a city (maybe DC!) will push me outside more!

  5. Suzanne LeRoux

    Hi Meg,
    This is such a great and honest post. Yes, I never stopped either when I worked from home. Like never. And the perks-I turned those into bad habits-I worked in my yoga pants everyday, did not fix my hair and never put on powder and lipstick. My poor husband! I am cheering for you ladies to commit and make it happen so that you have a support group!

  6. Jocelyn Negron

    Thanks for the insight! I just started my dream job which means “working from home.” But instead of actually working from home, I take daily field trips and work from coffee shops or outdoor wi-fi zones. I try to connect with people, even strangers, as much as I can. It keeps me positive, connected and inspired. Wish me luck on the road ahead!

  7. Leah Alexandra

    I relate to this 100% it’s so great to hear from others in the same boat! I’ve been running my business from home for 7 years, luckily I now have 3 employees here for some interaction at least- but am in the process of looking for a studio/office space outside of home to take t to the next level 🙂 Wishing I was nearby to join your group outings!

  8. Emily | Sparkle Meets Pop

    I find myself longing to work from home, yet I wonder how well I would would do without that sort of interaction. Even the coffee shops can be lonely. Not sure if you have or would be interested in doing more posts on working for yourself. It seems like this foreign world out there… I really like the GSD posts, too!

  9. Mary

    I’ll be working from home very soon, while also nannying… should be an interesting preview on how well I can handle working at home when we start a family! I tried it for a couple months while in between jobs and it is definitely a lot of alone time, so I hope to find a good group of like-minded gals who are doing the same thing. 🙂

  10. Yoon

    This is something that I think a LOT of people can relate to! Thanks for sharing, this is so so interesting! Check out to share more of your AMAZING work and inspire even more people! Thanks for the great insight 🙂

  11. jaime @ laviejaime

    loving the inspiration and color palette! so fresh.

  12. FripperyVintage

    Great post and so true there are positives and negatives. I love the flexability it gives me especially with an active 8 yr old son!

  13. Lucy @Suppersfromscratch

    Great post Meg, I completely agree. I was talking about this very issue today with a friend. Working from home can be great. But boy do I miss people! It’s interesting to see the way this is going to develop as more and more of us move to ‘out of office’ work. Maybe it’s a good thing as we can start to build our own work communities and offices and fill them with people we actively enjoy spending time with rather than enforced work colleagues. That might be the silver lining right there!

  14. Nicole

    This is sooo the story of my life. Ive worked from home for three years now and before then i worked in restaurants so it was just a drastic change from going from a highly social environment to being home alone 5 days a week. Its nice to know that a lot of other people feel the same way.

  15. Liz {What Dress Code?}

    I’ve had my eye on those Clinton Friedman prints and the idea modular shelf for foreverrrr — while I don’t work from home now, I do have a job that allows the flexibility to work remotely when necessary, and I totally agree with you (even on the small scale that I experience it). I think working from home gets romanticized, and can be a wonderful thing, but it’s definitely also a question of knowing when to turn off work and check back into life!

  16. emily

    I completely agree with you Meg. I moved to northern VA about 2 years ago and have always worked from home. it’s forced me to get out and get involved as much as possible but never changes the fact that most of the day you are looking at the same walls. I find it best to stick to a schedule. Good luck with the office space!

  17. sally

    Hi Meg,
    I really enjoy your blog! I work from home as well and live in Arlington – would love to get together with other bloggers, definitely understand what it is like to only speak to the mailman and my fiance all day.

  18. Miro - Dose of Dash


    Have you had any experiences with the new co-working spaces (like that are popping up everywhere? I’m sure we would all be interested to see you try a few and talk about the pluses and minuses of those kinds of spaces.

  19. sahra

    I feel the same about working from home, though I’m not as lucky to have a full desk/office space. I miss that about my home in Providence, and hope to have one again in my new home here in the DMV but right now all I do is get distracted by television :/
    Loving those rugs btw, and the plants!

    XO Sahra

  20. Sage

    I work from home and feel the same way. I’m by myself 95% of the time and while I love the perks like you mention of working from home, there are definitely down sides too. Really love this honest post! Totally resonated with me and I hope you find the balance you’re looking for soon. I’m trying to figure it out myself 🙂


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