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Ok Polar Vortex, I think I can speak for everyone when I say we’re done with you. Time to go. I was fine with mild cold weather around 40 degrees for a while, but it got really cold again and even though I was handling this winter alright, I’m now just done with it. All I can think about is heat heat heat! I just want to be HOT. I’m ready for spring and summer. I want the sun, warm afternoons, Vitamin D! And the beach of course. Always have the beach on my mind…

What to bring to the beach: A hat is a must, and I’m loving this white weathered Panama Hat. I wore my Panama Hat all summer last year. I want to add these rosy gold Ray-Bans to my collection of shades this year. They would go perfectly with the metallic bikini I have my eye one.  It’s perfect for a really hot day. Need, want, love this striped beach towel. I would say I’m equally picky about my cover0up as I am about my bikini — I love this white loungy tassel cover-up. It’s simple and chic at the same time. These Themis Pony sandals are so chic, I’d wear them all summer. Everywhere.


  1. Jessica Zimlich

    I love that bikini top. I’m not overly blessed on top and I’ve found that bikini tops that are connected (like this one) give me a little more oomf!

  2. Jen

    Love that coverup!

    xx, Jen

  3. Monique

    Great roundup. Any thoughts on a tote/bag?? I am looking for something not too expensive but am willing to invest. An alternative to the LL.Bean bag? 🙂


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