1. mom

    Your pictures are fantastic, Meg! Never have I had the desire to see Hong Kong or Shanghai, but seeing your report has changed my perspective. Whenever we do go, I hope we can experience your VIP treatment!!! Wow, they really took care of you!

  2. Jess Zimlich

    I’ve been loving all of the recaps from your trip! I’m with your Mom (up above), I’d never had the desire to travel that way, but seeing the streets and skyline’s has changed my mind!

  3. Yvett

    We’re headed to Shanghai this fall and looking to hire a tourguide. Would you mind sharing which company/person you hired? Thanks in advance =)

  4. Ame

    Gah I am freaking out. WHAT a gorgeous skyline! Shanghai looks like a paradise for a shopper as well.

  5. Carey

    Oh Shanghai, is pretty cool. I loved it there, such a pity I couldn’t explore the city the way I really wanted to since I was on a work-related trip. The Bund is great, beautiful especially at night. Oh, I must also recommend to your list of must dos, visiting the Jin Mao Tower.

    Xx, Carey

  6. Que

    I miss Shanghai, can’t wait to go back! Still haven’t done a boat ride on the bund, but I definitely will the best time I go back! One of my favorite places to eat is the Shouning Lu food street. So many great and inexpensive seafood options. A can’t miss while in the city.


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