1. Vanessa

    I am SO excited about this!! On a business trip now but as soon as I get back to my computer, I’m totally downloading a few of these cocktails. Amazing work, ladies! Keep it coming!

  2. Lauren

    love these tips- congrats on your launch, meg!

  3. Folle De Joie

    Congrats on the launch! I can’t wait to see all the great content that comes out of this site.

  4. Rachel Fackender

    I am so excited that the B Bar has finally launched! Already loved reading through today’s post, and I can’t wait to cruise through the site and all of the resources. Congrats, guys!

  5. FripperyVintage

    Love all the good advice. This is such a great idea.

  6. Raiana Schwenker

    This is the best thing to happen, ever! You guys rule. I am so excited about this resource!! These tips alone were gold, so I can only imagine how creatively ‘drunk’ I will be off your cocktails 🙂

  7. Katie O'Keefe

    Thank you for sharing – I needed this! My blog is recently starting to gain more followers, and I want to be sure I move forward with 100% authenticity. Love this1

  8. Kristin

    This is super exciting & an unbelievable resource that was greatly needed! Love the concept of the site and thank you for the snippets from all the fabulous bloggers!


  9. Abby

    Congrats on the launch! I cannot wait to check out the B Bar!

  10. Christina

    Congrats girl! This is so great and so helpful. I’m so excited to learn more and to GSD with the blog 😉

  11. Eileen

    Congrats! I have been waiting for this day since you girls announced it! Cannot wait to dive in, pouring a glass of wine right now and ready to enjoy it!


  12. Lauren

    I kept this page open because I wanted to make sure I read every bit of it. So worth it. You got such amazing bloggers to contribute and their words of wisdom are inspiring and make me feel proud! I loved what Lara Ramos said about being a closet blogger- I feel like I am just starting to come out of that shell and embrace this new path I’m trying.

    Thanks so much for this and B Bar!!!

  13. Sarah

    CONGRATULATIONS, Meg!!!!!!!!! This is SO exciting, and SO VERY VERY INSPIRING!!!!!!

  14. Laura Trevey


    Love this idea ~ your mind is always one step ahead. I can’t wait to read and investigate further…

  15. Stefanie // Life on the Squares

    these are some great tips from some of my favorite bloggers! So excited for the B Bar, definitely buying a “cocktail” and using the code CHEERS! Thanks

    XO, Stefanie
    Life on the Squares

  16. Grace - Stripes & Sequins

    <3 <3 <3

  17. alyson

    This is so amazingly helpful. Regardless of what stage your blog is at, it’s always SO helpful to hear what others do. I find that while I connect with other bloggers on topical thoughts, it’s not as much the nitty gritty, which is so helpful since we often live far away from each other and don’t get fun face time with each other. I have this amazing email thread going with another blogger where we’re sharing between each other all of this amazing information that’s I think has been infinitely helpful to me, just as all of this has!

    Congrats on B Bar, and thanks again for compiling all of this amazing information.

  18. Susan Brinson

    Love this. So much good advice.

  19. brooke

    such a great resource, especially for newbie bloggers like me! thanks for sharing tips & tricks and I cannot wait to dive more into B Bar!!

  20. Jamima @ Sweat Style

    This looks great and I could use the help. Will check it out!

  21. Shalini Ganguli

    Wow fantastic! Love the tips.


  22. MARA

    Really good initiative you had, girls!I had this blog of mine for some years now and I didn’t know what to do with it, because it didn’t bring me any satisfaction. Aparently I did it all wrong! Hope everything will improve after “drinking” from your coktails. Thanks and keep on going with the good job!

  23. Jess {JessinBelgium}

    Congratulations on the launch! I’ll say it once, I’ll say it again – the B-Bar branding is brilliant. Off to buy a cocktail…

  24. Arianna Belle

    You guys are a seriously awesome duo, congrats on the launch! Digging into one of the books right now – cheers!


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