1. Pris

    I totally agree!!! A beach, a cocktail, and a good book sounds perfect! Seriously, MD is still in the winter doldrums I could use a getaway!

  2. Meghan

    i am headed to mexico next month and already counting down the days for some much needed fruity cocktails, sunshine & dipping my toes in the Pacific! Good luck with everything next month, meg! xx

  3. Blair Breitenstein

    I AM SO THERE. I’ll be heading to Mexico on Tuesday. Margaitas and shrimp tacos are calling my name. Hopefully I will get re-inpired. Good luck with B-bar! I hope you know you are AMAZING!


  4. FripperyVintage

    Couldn’t agree more, we’re at the beach right now,

  5. Chloé Elizabeth

    A break really does help recharge the batteries, I agree, on the beach, cocktail … Total Refresh! We have Spain booked for April but the European weather hasn’t been that good, I may literally cry if we can’t go because of the bad weather!! Looking forward to b-bar! 🙂

  6. Christina

    Joint birthday trip?? Gah, I wish! I agree, taking a much needed beach vacation is seriously the best way to RELAX and really enjoy the present. With a cocktail in hand is a must. xx, C

  7. Kate

    Totally have gotten to that point before. And actually JUST got back from Mexico. But put too much pressure on the trip to pull me out of my funk that it didn’t work. But hey, my parents ended up buying a retirement house so not all bad 🙂


  8. Jeanine

    I know that feeling! I think you should try Jamaica next! Lol. My blog has many recommendations for beautiful hotels with the most gorgeous beaches!


  9. Julie Leah

    Inspiration definitely comes in warmer climates!! Can’t wait for To & From and B Bar!!

  10. Wendy

    Definitely feeling for you, in the meantime you can have an Irish Coffee before 10am.


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