1. lara / the glossarie.

    what a sweet post! i love the positive focus.

  2. Erika

    Jess’s post got me too. I appreciated your post as a reminder to not take for granted the ways that fb can help us “feel” life through others’ experiences.

  3. Linnea

    Thanks for sharing these things . It is encouraging to see buoyant spirits in the middle of hard times. There is so much beauty in this life.

  4. Samantha Penner

    MEG- So glad to see positive things being posted on FB! Sometimes I get so sick of it…. but then there are always those funny/unique/and sometimes, lovely, things posted that make me not want to leave it all together. 🙂 Happy MLK Day!!

  5. Ame

    Four. Times. Wow. And still so positive?! Wow. I cannot say I’d be the same! Good luck to him and I hope the fund grows exponentially!


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