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All designed posts are created solely for Meg Biram. Please do not use designed posts without permission. Please do not use any original copy from megbiram.com as your own. All photos taken from megbiram.com must be credited and linked back to the original post on megbiram.com. For images not taken by or for megbiram.com, please link to the original source and do not give Meg Biram or megbiram.com credit for creating the image. If your photo or work is posted and is not properly credited, please e-mail Meg at meg@megbiram.com so the proper credit can be given or content can be removed. Meg Biram reserves the right to remove any previous posts without notice or explanation. Any comments that are deemed inappropriate by Meg may be deleted.


Meg loves to collaborate with like-minded companies. Please click here and describe what type of collaboration you have in mind.


Meg loves to help, encourage, and teach others. Please click here to contact Meg about speaking engagements. Topics range from blogging, style, design, social media, career, etc.


Meg Biram uses affiliate links through rewardStyle and Skimlinks. All content posted on megbiram.com are companies and items Meg genuinely likes or is curious to try/buy. Meg has an ongoing partnership with Shopbop.com.


Meg does consider Sponsored Posts for products and businesses that fit into her content, companies she is curious to work with, or companies that want to sponsor her choice of content. Posts will be written by Meg in her opinion and voice. Click here to email her about a Sponsored Post. Sponsored posts will always be noted.

Any products which have been gifted or provided to Meg Biram are noted with “c/o” (courtesy of) or “gifted” the first time they are featured, or it is clear in the post that the products were part of a collaboration.

Please consider whether your product or company goes Meg’s aesthetic prior to submitting your product. Meg will not accept any products or sponsored posts from companies that she would not otherwise post about, be curious to learn about, or that a connection/collaboration works in Meg’s opinion. All opinions are written by Meg Biram.

Meg is happy to do product reviews of like-minded products and companies in the fashion, interiors, art, gadget/technology, beauty, fitness, and food industries on approval basis only. You are welcome to send a sample of your product once she approves it, but she will only accept samples that she would consider purchasing herself. There is no guarantee that your items sent for review will end up on the website or discussed in social media. To purchase a Sponsored Post, please see info about Sponsored Posts above. Samples will not be returned for any reason. All gifted items will be disclosed.


Please only submit your idea, content, or product, if it goes with Meg’s aesthetic.


Don’t worry, any personal information collected will never be sold.