1. Jen

    Wow love your room! I’m a huge fan of white bedding as well and just purchased a new white cover from West Elm. Can’t wait ti redecorate!

    Thanks for the inspiration,

  2. Alexandria

    I have the Sferra Orlo duvet cover with this down alternative comforter ( and I love it. It stays in place and looks fluffy on the bed.

    Here’s the link to the duvet cover:

  3. Jessica Zimlich

    I love wrinkly white linens and the idea of making your bedroom a sanctuary. Do you have a TV in your room? We currently do, but we don’t watch it unless it’s a random Saturday afternoon. I can’t stand falling asleep to TV noise. I should probably just ditch the tube in the room altogether!

  4. Anna

    I like the lamps but $1,000 for 2! Were they gifted to you?

  5. Nic

    Hi Meg, your bedroom is beautiful! I share your love of white linen. Can I invite you to visit our online store,; we sell pre-washed, 100% linen bedding that is the best quality and very reasonably priced. We’re based in Australia but ship worldwide..and we do offer a linen coverlet but only in Natural colour at the moment. Would love to hear what you think!

  6. Lauren

    Gorgeous white linen….nothing can beat it, honestly! I have got mine, the most incredible, softest, homespun textured pure linen duvet from House of Baltic Linen
    Can’t wait to get into MY bed- every single night it’s pure indulgence:))


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