1. Carlene: Healthfully Ever After

    That lighting fixture just rocked my world.

  2. Comfy Cozy Couture

    Her office is stunning…I am obsessed with that light!!!

  3. Lauren (L.A. in the bay)

    her officer + your picks = incredible amazingness

  4. Lauren (L.A. in the bay)

    her office + your picks = pure amazingness

  5. Tobe | Because It's Awesome

    the white office phenom has to stop. i love me a white space, but it’s straight overkill at this point.

  6. FripperyVintage

    Love her office space and her jewelry. The space definitely looks like her.

  7. Gwen Williams

    Wow! Her office is really unique and one of a kind. Its just like a coating magazines. For me, To choose a good office space just check first the location if it is safe to work with. And the most important is the space that you will use everyday.


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