1. meghan @ little girl in the big world

    Congrats! That’s an awesome opportunity to work with a great company. So many people that I know didn’t get into that race and were a little bummed. It should be a lot of fun. I love running and racing, and I can tell you that the accomplishment that you feel when you cross that finish line is worth every drop of sweat and minute of time you put into your training. The training is the journey, and the 13.1 miles that you run along that course will be the best victory lap you’ll ever feel. Be excited! Half marathons are a lot of fun, and Nike knows how to do them right.

  2. Phoebe

    Since the race is at the end of April, I think you definitely have enough time to train! Is there a Couch to Half Marathon running group in DC that you can train with? It really really helps to make running A) more fun and B) doable without getting injured.

    If you haven’t done 1 mile in awhile, try starting at walking 1/4 mile, running 1/4, etc. until you get to 1 mile. Then build up to walking 1/2 mile, running 1/2 mile. Even if it feels like you already have this stuff down, it’ll ease you into running painlessly if you’ve only been doing yoga for awhile.

    Favorite running products:
    1. The new Nike Rival Shorts. They are similar to a Lululemon style that I already love. You might really like the wide waistband — it’s kind of yoga pants-like. And they have a back zip pocket, perfect for a house or car key + drivers license/credit card.
    2. Brooks shoes. They are my favorite running shoe brand ever. But if you’ve never been fitted for running shoes, definitely do so. And I guess pick out some Nikes since they’re sponsoring you :o) They have some ridiculously cute ones that I almost bought, but they weren’t as comfy as my Brooks.
    3. Flashing lights. If you run at dawn/dusk/in the dark, definitely get some a flashing armband, maybe a reflective vest, and if you can, a clip-on LED light (you can clip it to a hat) in case the roads are dark.

  3. Erin @ Thanks, I Made It

    That’s so awesome, good for you! I can’t say enough about running in rock creek park. Having a car-free and scenic place to run makes it so much better, and really got me back into it so I could do a 10K this past Thanksgiving. The mall is also great– nothing like being surrounded by symbols of greatness to kick you into high gear!

  4. Meaghan - DC Fit Crasher

    I have been following your blog for a few years now but wanted to finally take the opportunity to comment and say how excited I am about you upcoming 13.1-mile adventure. Congrats on the Nike sponsorship and good luck with your training! See you out there on the trails and roads!

  5. Katie

    YAY!!! Half-marathons are so fun! My main recommendation would be to join a group or rope your girlfriends into training with you. Those long mile days are WAY more fun with people to chat with. Also, I agree with Phoebe, go get fit for your running shoes (obviously, they need to be Nike) but you’ll want to know if your a neutral foot or over-pronate.

    Can’t wait to read about your progress. THIS WILL BE FUN!!!


  6. Tobe | Because It's Awesome

    Girl, you can do this!!! My best advice : Put together some killer playlists. And be sure to train outside vs just on a treadmill. Shiz be waaaaaay harder on real terrain. So excited! That is going to be a huge accomplishment!!

  7. Julie / Bound

    I have never even thought about a half-marathon, let alone run one. But cute workout gear is the first step to any athletic accomplishment, and it looks like you have that part covered. Good luck! I’m sure you’ll crush it.

  8. Jamima @ Sweat Style

    This is wonderful! Good for you as it will be an amazing goal to reach. I have done many running races and triathlons and have coached people along the way & it is an amazing confidence booster to cross that line. Here is a link to a half marathon training plan that might help you but any questions you have I am happy to help…


    A must have is Trigger Point Technologies – The Grid for self massage along the way. 🙂
    And I love Balega socks to prevent blisters.

    Wishing you the best of luck on an amazing adventure to come!

  9. Morgan Birlew

    I did my 1st 1/2 marathon last year as my I’m turning 30 present to myself. I like running but I did an all running training schedule from runner’ and after the race I was so burnt out on running I didn’t run for 6 months. So, I would definitely recommend a training schedule that has cross training in it. Plyometrics and HIIT (high intensity interval training) are great ways to up your cardiovascular endurance which will help in distance running. Good luck and what an awesome opportunity!

  10. Val

    I can’t wait to watch your progress. I have let my running fall back a little bit and I really need to pick it back up. It SUCKS at first, but once you’re up to running 4 miles without stopping you feel AMAZING!

  11. Jessica

    I am a newbie to running myself. I ran my first half in Las Vegas December 2, the day before I turned 23. So like you, hitting an age was one of the reasons I wanted to finally do one. I HATED running before I started training. I still hate it sometimes but continue to train for halfs simply to keep myself in shape. Best way to work up to it is do 3 short runs during the week, 3-5 miles. Then do a long run on the weekends. Start where ever you are comfortable, if you did 1 mile today a good long run would be 3 this weekend. Then just work your way up there. For example I started my long runs at 6. I ran 6 for 2 weekends, 7 for 2 weekends, 8 for one, 9 for two weekends, 10 for one, 11 for one. Take 5-7 days completely off of running before your half. Hydrate really well, eat enough protein and of course drink water, and take in protein during the race. Goo’s are your go to in race snack. MOST IMPORTANT ADVICE: invest in GOOD running shoes. I love my Asics but as Nike is your sponsor I am sure you will want to rep them. Go to a running store and have shoes fitted for your feet. It truly will make a world of difference! Good luck and remember how amazing you will feel after you’ve finished your first half!

  12. Rachel

    You can totally do this! I ran my first half-marathon many years ago. Though I was an athlete my whole life (basketball, soccer, field hockey, swimming, etc), I HATED running. With a passion. A friend asked me to run a half-marathon with her in 2008 and I said “sure, what the heck.” On my first training run, I couldn’t even run for a straight 2 minutes. It was sad and embarrassing. And my exercise-induced asthma was so bad that first week of training that I had to call the outside of doctor’s hours phone line to get a doctor to send an emergency inhaler prescription to Walgreens ASAP.

    And you know what? 3 months later, after a lot of sweat, walking, running, laughing with girlfriends, new running shoes and new running gear – I ran my first half-marathon! The plan was to run-walk (run for 8 minutes, walk for 2 minutes) the whole way. Instead, my friends and I got the energy to run THE ENTIRE 13.1 miles. Adrenaline is an amazing thing. And then, I decided to keep it up. And have since run 10 half-marathons. (And the runner’s high is totally real!)

    You can do it! Because if someone like me could, anyone can. Mind over body! Be positive and as odd as it sounds, enjoy the experience. One day, you will “only” have to run 6 miles on your long run training day and it will be so weird to say “I only have to run 6 miles today.”

  13. Carlene: Healthfully Ever After

    Oh my gosh. I would be scared and motivated. I too despise running (despite being in the health field). But if not when asked by Nike? Then when?!

  14. Britney

    You absolutely can do this and have plenty of time to train! Great goal to accomplish before 30. 🙂 I’ve signed up and will be out there as well for this race.. too fun!

    I’ve been a runner since high school and competed in college so I have plenty of tips! 🙂 Obviously cute workout gear is a huge motivator, a fun playlist is essential, and – echoing Phoebe as well – most importantly make sure to get fitted for the right pair of shoes for your feet. You don’t want to go out and nab a pair just based on cute factor (although so very tempting). Running shoes are crafted toward different types of runners and can either help or hurt you, depending on what you get.

    current essentials/favorites:
    :: shoes: I love the Nike Frees but again, they’re not for everyone.
    :: “The Stick”. Trust me, every good runner is obsessed with this. Best tool for sore muscles post-workout.
    :: socks: Nike makes my favorites – the “dri-Fit elite cushion no show” socks
    :: pepper spray for runs in the dark
    :: an extra hair band or bobby pin: maybe it’s just me but I always keep an extra on my wrist in case the one in the hair busts or is too loose
    :: a bandaid or piece of moleskin for the unexpected rubbing/blister
    (all of these little bits can be packed into the small pocket that comes sewn into most running gear -pants/shorts/jackets)

    Best of luck!!

  15. Elle

    Oooh~ I kinda wanna join you! I’ve been needing something to get my butt back in shape anyway 😛

  16. Linnea

    Meg! I’m so proud of you! You ARE a runner. Truly, three years ago, I thought my max was 3 miles… but you’d be so surprised at what your body is capable of doing… loving, even (yup, I said it!). At this point, I’ve done completed two half marathons and two full marathons. I’ve got three essentials: 1. A great playlist (for me it’s anything rap & r&b… it’s the gangster in me), 2. Lululemon running tights… they compress the jiggle (you don’t have to worry a bit about that) and they’re super flattering, and 3. The Nike+ running app on my iPhone.

    I so firmly believe that running brings good things into my life… I met one of my favorite bloggers while jogging in Portland and she convinced me to start a blog. I even met my husband at a 10k road race! Not even joking. Our first date was a run. I can’t wait to see what running brings into your life and I’m excited to follow you on your journey. GO MEG!

  17. Paula Miller

    I challenged myself to run the New York Marathon for my 40th birthday. Like you, I am athletic but not a runner. Long story short, I did it and you can too. My best advice is to train with a group- it makes you both accountable and less alone in your suffering! I liked training better than the actual race. I felt a new sense of accomplishment each week. Good luck!

  18. Katie Weber

    Like you, I’m turning 30 this year, and while I’m not training for a 1/2 Marathon (more like a 5K) I have to agree with your decision to do this. I mean…. it’s Nike! How can you say any thing other than “well why not. I’ll do my best, and try not to pass out wearing your logo.” In other words, you can do anything if you have the right shoes…and there are some really cute Nike’s. Can’t wait to follow your adventure!

  19. renee [crossed and dotted]

    congratulations! i wish an email from nike had been the way i got talked into doing a half… instead it was my colleague who was running in a race near my apartment and she bought me drinks and conned me into agreeing!

    i am also a yoga aficionado, and i hate distance running. that aside, i was able to do the training in about 6.5 weeks and finish, even though my ipod died at mile 5 just as the elite african runners passed me with 5 miles left to go in the race!

    my advice:
    – get good shoes!
    – STRETCH (yoga + running = happy muscles)
    – have a few good running mixes, and find your “power song”
    – make a few regular routes so you can mix it up but still feel familiar about how much farther you have to go.
    – slow and steady wins the race (seriously. i have a tendency to want to hurry up and finish, but 13.1 requires some discipline!)

    GOOD LUCK! and you’re right – you’ll look amazing in a bathing suit 🙂

  20. Erica

    Hi there!
    First time reading your blog… love it!
    Good luck training for and running your first (half) marathon! Better you than me- I would need a truckload more motivation… lol. I know friends have taken some training boot-camps that have helped.
    Keep us posted!

  21. Jane

    I’d wear that sportswear and sit on my butt. It looks so comfy! And you’ll do great on your run. I’ve seen people run marathons and they showed no outward traits of being a “runner.”


  22. Two & Three Designers


  23. Maureen

    Congrats Meg! You’re going to be GREAT! And you’ll have the support of all of us DC bloggers!

    I did the Chicago hal marathon a few years ago. It’s still one of my biggest accomplishments. 🙂

  24. Monika Reynolds

    wow – kudos to you for saying yes – i would have definitely said no.

    boyfriend tried to get me to run a 5k in december and i trained a little bit for it….died at 1.5 miles everytime and gave up. sad.

    not a runner – feel like i never will be. i look forward to your tips & tricks.


  25. Laura Parke

    When I trained for a half marathon I found that my long runs became something to look forward to instead of dreading them. Sometimes you’ll have a rough long run (maybe 1 in 4 or 5 runs) and it sort of discouraged me. But after a rough run, I’d know the next long run would be so much easier. It’s like I could feel my body conditioning itself to do what I was training it to do. And before I knew it I was running multiple miles and it felt easy! It’s amazing what our bodies can do once we start training them.

    You’re going to do great, Meg! I’m excited to follow along in your journey!

  26. Alex

    I am a DC gal who not only LOVES this blog, but is also running the Nike Women’s Half ! This will be my first half, but I will run for Tiffany’s and have friends who have run the full Nike Women’s Marathon and had a fantastic experience. Perhaps we should set up a weekend running club? I am super slow, but really just want to FINISH the race. I really think the mental aspect is key–if I just don’t think about the mileage it is going to be very do-able.

    I would love to know what feedback you get for the playlists, as I currently just run to a Songza pre-made playlist.

  27. Jerrell // JerrellRenee

    I’m running that race with Team in Training! It’ll be my second half marathon, but I ran/walked the last one so my goal this time is to run the whole way. I am TOTALLY freaked out, but so far training has been good. Nike’s training plan is the perfect training plan for first-timers! I’m loving all of the Nike Training Club workouts in addition to the running. If you haven’t done so already, buy a foam roller. I recommend The Grid. I try to use it every other day and especially after longer runs. It hurts while I’m doing it, but I always feel amazing after!

    Good Luck! Looking forward to following your training!

  28. Amy @ Long Drive Journey

    I just found your blog, and it’s great! I have actually been training for a 5K for the past four weeks. I know that’s nothing like a half, but I started out running 60 seconds and walking 60 seconds for 30 minutes at a time. Yesterday, I ran for 20 minutes straight. Like I said, that is nothing compared to what some people can do, but I am REALLY proud of myself, and I never thought I would make it to that point. My best advice to you would be to find a plan, stick to it, walk when you need to, and celebrate the small victories. You’ll feel great about yourself (even if you are tired, sore, and exhausted) when you finish!

    Happy running!


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