1. Ann

    Wow! i never thought it was so hard to find the perfect bag/luggage for traveling.
    I always used the old one my Dad gave me when I was still single
    and now I already have a 12 yr old son…
    I guess its always best to buy the one that would last long
    no matter if its a bit expensive.

  2. FripperyVintage

    I have learned the hard way to only take a very small shoulder bag with the essentials, water, gum magazines and a 4 wheel carry on hard bag. That way I can put the bag on top of the wheelie bag and don’t have to carry all the weight around. This I learned after 30 plus years of long treks through foreign airports, running to gates and trying to eat and shop!

  3. Grace - Stripes & Sequins

    I love Hitha’s recommendations. My Lo & Sons bag has changed my life. I use that with my Tumi suitcase (which was a splurge but is virtually indestructible) and traveling has gotten so much easier/more streamlined.

  4. Miranda {onestylishdayatatime}

    Totally agree, gotta go with the four wheeled hard case. Even better, a hard case with four wheels that spin, that way you don’t have to drag it in front of you, but instead can push it in front or along side of you. Makes navigating airport traffic a snap too!

  5. Molly {Dreams in HD}

    great post! i feel like my luggage is totally beat up and out of date, would love to update to something a bit more practical and chic.

    1. Hitha On The Go

      New luggage does wonders for making you feel more organized and put together when traveling. Happy shopping!

  6. Drew @ Catfish & Caviar

    I agree with Grace. Everything has been a lot easier since my Lo & Sons bag that I got for Christmas. It is always hard for me to pick out luggage I like but Tumi is usually my go-to!

    1. Hitha On The Go

      Lo & Sons is the BEST. Tumi is great – I’ve always said that I’ll upgrade to it once my Heys is done, but it’s going strong after 4 straight years of busy travels!

  7. Kayla

    I have a two-wheel rolling suitcase.. but I might need to invest in one of those super duper suitcases on 4 wheels! Thanks for sharing! : )


    1. Hitha On The Go

      The 4-wheelers are a godsend for your back, and make walking through the airport with your luggage a breeze.

  8. best of BKLYN

    My soft-sided suitcases have taken a beating, and I think it’s time to upgrade to a hard-sided suitcase!

    1. Hitha On The Go

      Once you go hardcase, you never go back! They last so much longer, and are significantly lighter than their soft-sided counterparts.

  9. rita

    i was planning on upgrading to a rimowa but will have to check out heys as well. thanks!

    1. Hitha On The Go


      Both are great suitcases; I’ve noticed they’re of the same quality, but the Heys is definitely more inexpensive. I love my XCase upright spinner – let me know if you have any questions!

  10. Chelsea

    I use my vintage Louis Vuitton duffel as a carry-on and as a weekender and I have to say, as beautiful as it is, it isn’t very useful. There are no compartments and I find everything just kind of get jumbled. Don’t even get me started on the shampoo disaster of 2012! The O.G. is looking really good about now!

    Chelsea & The City

    1. Hitha On The Go


      I use Flight 001 travel organizers when packing in a duffel, so everything remains organized. I couldn’t live without them (I use them when packing in a suitcase too). To prevent shampoo disasters, double-baggie your liquids bag and use Goob Tubes – the absolute BEST bottles for traveling!

  11. Phoebe

    I love my hardcase spinner…HOWEVER, I find that because it opens like a clamshell (you can put stuff in both sides of the suitcase), that makes it infinitely harder if you, for some reason, have to open your carry on…whether it’s to put up a coat, take out a forgotten item, etc. To open a clamshell, it takes up double the real estate on the ground/table (which you don’t always have if you’re in the airport) and a lot of times, stuff falls out of it when you open it.

    I ended up buying a Samsonite spinner that is a soft shell with one main compartment opening, like a lid. There’s also a pocket on the front/outside that allows me to slide my laptop in there (quick access through security), which I really like — placing it in my carry-on tote makes that shoulder bag infinitely heavier, even though I have a MacBook Air!

    1. Hitha On The Go

      Phoebe, that’s a great recommendation! Thanks for sharing.

  12. Adrienne Barber

    Love my Lo & Sons OG bag and am getting really close to needing a new carry-on… great timing for this post!

  13. Jess | the Jess Journals

    I’ve been lusting over an OMG bag for months!! Hopefully I’ll get one before my 10 day trip to Europe!

  14. Hope

    The Heys link goes to the Tumi bag! I want to see the Heys one too. 🙂

    1. Hitha On The Go

      Hope – here it is!

  15. Jessica

    I purchased this “Airbus Weekender” for my weekend business trips. This bag is great. It has a section for everything, even a separate shoe compartment. I found this online after searching for an alternative for the Lo & Sons bag because I couldn’t afford it. I bought this bag on ebags for around $90. I also use the Eagle Creek packing folder to fold all my clothing that way I can store my clothing sideways in the bag. This bag can actually fit under the seat on your larger flights (3 seats with an aisle and 3 seats on the other side is the smallest plane I think where this works). Some flights I have been forced to check it plane side but then I just take out my laptop and my small clutch where I keep my wallet, earphones, lotion and other in flight essentials. Its nice to just have 1 bag and storm through the airport. Especially those where your connecting flight is 10 terminals away and you have only 10 minutes to get there!

  16. Jessica

    I forgot the link to the bag I purchased.


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