1. Ame

    Great post! I want that office so much but THOSE CHAIRS, OMG. I love the chairs. I need to contact them to find out where to obtain one.

    Re your car? Yea, I HATE PEOPLE. So sorry to read that! I have had that happen to me where they broke in for nothing, hell I worked on the Landing here in STL and would just leave my car windows rolled down a lot because it spared me broken glass and they could reach in to find nothing. That was one of those lessons you learn working in that part of town I guess…Then again the ONE TIME I left stuff in the car, not at work, of course it would be broken in to and they got away with so much. My wedding set, for starters. I also never went back to that gym again, either.

    That article RE Carrie Bradshaw was so great, and your comment about the Manolo collection is bang on. I always thought when I watched that show “HOW does she even afford that stuff, or for that matter, food, if she can barely get paid!?”

    I subscribe to Glamour so I read that Rashida Jones piece and thought “how is this person not a real life friend I spend time with.”


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