1. rachael // for the love of design

    i am so jealous you got to meet mr. adler! have you seen his bravo episode of 10 things that make me happy? i just fell right in love with him all over again.

  2. Kelly / Fabulous K

    JA stores are my happy place. How could you not be happy with all that fun color and pattern? I was so excited when he opened his Dallas store. Love!

  3. Pris

    JA is the best! I remember watching and re-watching Top Design because I loved him (and KW) so much!

  4. Nat

    Total framer! I can’t wait to check out the new Gtown store! I’m waiting until after the holiday madness

  5. Miro - Dose of Dash

    Meg –

    Where did you get your sweater? I absolutely love it!


  6. Jerrell //

    I can’t wait for his GSD! I know it’ll be great! Love that sweater too!


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  1. ARTIST // Happy Menocal : Meg Biram

    […] I found out about the talented artist Happy Menocal from the owner of one of my favorite boutiques in Georgetown — WINK. Happy actually did the watercolor that is on WINK’s website. Once I saw Happy’s website and the rest of her work I fell completely in love with it. I’m especially a fan of her matadors (above and below), but this venus fly trap (below) is also a favorite. You can purchase her prints or cards on her shop here. She also has work available via Jonathan Adler (another person I love!). […]

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