1. Molly {Dreams in HD}

    such gorgeous statement pieces!
    love the seating and the brass tic tac toe.

  2. Tobe | Because It's Awesome

    always been a huge fan. i’ve been eyeing some of the lighting lately….

  3. Folle De Joie

    Ooh I pretty much need everything in this store. If only I had an unlimited budget for my little apartment!

  4. Wendy Garraty

    Thanks Meg! What a wonderful post! Appreciate all of the kind words – I’m equally amazed with your blog. Everything you post is on my wish list!! Thank you again!!

  5. jen ramos

    ohh love those light fixtures!

  6. Gabrielle | Savvy Home

    I love Clayton Gray. That mirror is incredible!

  7. Bon Bon

    oh goodness. it’s all so gorgeous! xoxo

  8. Meli

    Everything looks amazing and it is so sad that there are deliveries only to four countries in Europe!

  9. Anna

    I love that rose colored lighting option that you found! It`s so pretty and unique! And I am also a fan of the two wall decor options, especially since I am decorating my first own apartment right now and looking for some things to add some characters to the area. Pillows will be one of them as will be pictures, mirrors and lights. But I need to add a little bit of color because now everything is just white with grey walls. Thanks for sharing this! Have a happy Easter!

  10. Samuel Joyce

    Wow !!You got wonderful collection I wish, I could have all of these. I especially liked the white chair, it seems to be quite comfortable .


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