1. Ashley

    I LOVE that wrapping paper!! And that house is the norm around here 🙂 I love it, haha!

    xo Ashley

  2. Elizabeth

    Glad to hear you had a relaxing holiday break!

    Cheers, Elizabeth of The Corner Apartment

  3. Kris Robitzsch

    It has been a busy year for me. I wanted to take some time off too these holiday season!

  4. Nancy

    Looks like a great holiday! I love the wrapping paper you used, I am always looking for nice wrapping paper. Going to check it out right now!

  5. Nicole

    The one thing I always forget to do, since becoming a mom is drive around Ward Parkway/ Brookside and look at the lights. We used to live down there and it was truly magical! Hope all is well with your family!

  6. Blair

    Looking adorable as always! Happy new year and congrats on all that you have acomplished this year! I look up to you so much!

    Xo, Blair


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