1. maureen

    The shoes are FIERCE!!!! Doing a “4” as I type…:)

  2. Megan

    Ooh, mama needs a new pair of shoes!

  3. Lee

    Love Aldo!

  4. Kate Allen

    Hi Meg! I follow you on FB and posted about you, this giveaway & ALDO shoes!!! xo

  5. Kate Allen

    Hi Meg! I follow you on Twitter and posted about you, this giveaway & ALDO shoes!!! xo

  6. Kate Allen

    Hi Meg! I just followed ALDO on FB and posted about you, this giveaway & ALDO shoes!!! xo

  7. Kate Allen

    Hi Meg! I just followed ALDO on Twitter and posted about you, this giveaway & ALDO shoes!!! xo

  8. Lesley Ahmed

    Love Aldo shoes!

  9. Kheng

    I would love to win the Aldo $100 gift card.

  10. Colleen Boudreau

    LOVE Aldo, thank you! 🙂

  11. Colleen Boudreau

    I like ALDO on Facebook (Colleen Boudreau)

  12. Colleen Boudreau

    I follow ALDO on Twitter (@collifornia)

  13. Colleen Boudreau

    I like you on Facebook (Colleen Boudreau)

  14. Colleen Boudreau

    I follow you on Twitter (@collifornia)

  15. Kodi

    I love so many of ALDO’s shoes!

  16. Kelly | Fabulous K

    Love the shoes you picked. Sounds like a super fun event!

  17. Shira

    Ooooh fingers crossed:) A girl can never have enough shoes;)

  18. Naomi A

    I would love to pick up some new wedges!

  19. Naomi A

    I follow you on Facebook!

  20. Naomi A

    Following Aldo on Facebook!

  21. Kerry

    I cannot even remember the last time I bought new shoes.. two years ago? Maybe? This would be amazing!

  22. Olivia K

    Aldo really has the most amazing shoes!

  23. Maddie

    eeee those shoes are so rad! WANT!

  24. Maddie

    ….ok following you on fb

  25. Maddie

    aaaand following on twitter

  26. Maddie

    and following aldo on fb

  27. Maddie

    and following aldo on twitter! 🙂

  28. A. Cassi Duncan

    Baby need a new pair of shoes, say you got a light bill due…work it out!

  29. Kate

    Adore Aldo. And, girl, you are doing the four like a champ! 🙂 Follow you and Aldo both on Twitter and Facebook! Fingers crossed…blogger needs a new pair of shoes! xx


  30. Katie

    Love the neon accents on the pair you’re rocking!

  31. Tess

    Love Aldo shoes!!!

  32. Camille David

    i want the whole spring line!

  33. MARA

    Simply loove Aldo shoes! Especialy the neon touch on them! Interesting trend, right?

  34. livivua c

    WooHoo Aldo shopping is what I want to so!

  35. livivua c

    I follow aldo on twitter @vivaciousgold

  36. livivua c

    I like on facebook

  37. livivua c

    I like you on facebook

  38. livivua c

    I follow you on twitter @vivaciousgold

  39. Maureen

    Haha Love this! Where was I when we were learning the “4” ? 🙂

  40. Bridget Goodenbour

    YAY! So fun! 🙂 I follow you on Facebook, Twitter, and read your blog on the regular! Thanks for a great giveaway Meg! Hope you had a fab weekend! XO!

  41. Branlazza

    ALDO has seriously stepped up their shoe selection and I was happily surprised to see their men’s line. Style and design made affordable. Rock on.

  42. Abby

    Didn’t know they had accessories and they are so cute!

  43. Courtney K

    Great giveaway, Meg!

  44. Laura Trinder

    Aldo is really stepping it up (no pun intended)

  45. Meg S

    I love Aldo! And how pretty is that men’s section?!

  46. Meg S

    I follow them on twitter (@chknpotpie).

  47. Meg S

    And I follow you on twitter (@chknpotpie) – thanks!

  48. lily

    Love the pair you are wearing in the last photo!

    XO Lily

  49. lily

    Following you on Twitter!

    XO Lily

  50. lily

    And Facebook too!

    XO Lily

  51. Johanna

    those lucite heels are to die for!! wow! Aldo who knew!

  52. maneet

    ALDO is my go-to brand for boots and patent flats. It would be so great to win this!

  53. Lisa

    I would love to shop at Aldo! Thanks for the giveaway, and you look fabulous!

  54. Nichole

    Amazing giveaway! Aldo has great shoes and accessories.

  55. Nichole

    Now following you on twitter (@missnicholeo)

  56. Nichole

    Now following Aldo on twitter (@missnicholeo)

  57. Nichole

    Just liked Aldo on Facebook!

  58. Nichole

    Just liked you on Facebook, too!

  59. Maria-Alejandra of Mars Vida

    What a great giveaway! I hope I win so I can go buy a new pair of summer shoes!

  60. Holly B

    I LOVE Aldo, they always have something that I’m drooling over!

  61. Holly B

    I like Aldo on Facebook.

  62. Holly B

    I follow Aldo on Twitter (@hollymarie076)

  63. Piia

    Wow, fun! Fabulous giveaway!

  64. Celeste

    Thanks for the chance! LOVE Aldo!

  65. betsy

    Ha, I’m loving the shoes & the “4”! xo

  66. rachel

    Love the tip about doing a “4” … Aldo has such great shoes!

  67. Lesley Myrick

    Ooh, I LOVE Aldo! Great accessories.

  68. AShley Cooper

    I was just telling my girl friend that I need a new pair of pumps, perfect timing!

  69. AShley Cooper

    Liked Aldo on FB.

  70. AShley Cooper

    Liked on FB.

  71. AShley Cooper

    Followed ALDO on Twitter (@acoops_)

  72. AShley Cooper

    Followed MegBiram on Twitter (@acoops_). Thank you so much! Happy I found your blog for more reason than the giveaway 🙂

  73. Lindsay Hill

    Of course I already follow you on Facebook & Twitter 🙂 LOVE Aldo and need more ALDO in my life. xo

  74. Emily

    I love ALDO!! And it’s my birthday 🙂

  75. Lindsay Hill

    Now following Aldo on Twitter xx

  76. Lindsay Hill

    Now following ALDO on Facebook, too 🙂 Love this giveaway opp, Meg!

  77. Lindsay Hill

    Facebook friends fo life 😉 x

  78. Lindsay Hill

    …and last but not least, we’re friends in the Twitterverse too 🙂

  79. Emily

    I liked ALDO on facebook too!

  80. Cara

    Aldo- my husbands favorite shoe store! I’d give him the gift card- because he deserves stylish kicks!

  81. Marissa

    I just love your shoe pick, Meg! Looks like a successful event 🙂 xo

  82. Marissa

    Follow you on twitter xo

  83. Marissa

    LIKE on FB.

  84. Kelsey

    Love it! Every time I walk past an aldo, I fall in love!

  85. Kelsey

    And I love your twitter background! Definitely worth a friendly follow.

  86. Heather Paulding

    Love the Laurenza heels you are wearing! Xo

  87. Heather Paulding

    Liked you on facebook via Heather Paulding

  88. Heather Paulding

    Like aldo on Facebook via Heather Paulding

  89. Lynn

    Loving the Black/ white look for this season!
    the extra neon detail on those heels are killer!

  90. Laura @ Walking in Memphis in High Heels

    Wow, gorgeous shoes and accessories! Just found your blog today. I’m entering the giveaway! = )

  91. Emily

    Would love to win!!!

  92. Emily

    Following you on twitter!

  93. Emily

    Liked aldo on facebook!


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