1. sarah, flourish design + style

    Love this! Monika you run an incredible business and are one incredible lady too 🙂 xx

  2. jessica grant

    great feature full of awesome tidbits! i thought she had a day job other than the bfrend business though? it’s not mentioned at all which is a tad misleading…

  3. Steph

    I love the GSD series & am so happy to see Monika featured and read more about her business. As always, incredible work Meg, love the site!


    I want to be a GSD kinda gal!! Big fan of this series and The Doctor’s Closet/BFrend (wearing mine right now!)


  5. barbara@hodge:podge

    Loved getting to know Monika a bit better! And she is a local blogger too! I had no idea she was expecting though! Congrats Monika!

  6. Erica | cupcakes + coffee breaks

    I really love this series, and I REALLY love the apps/programs/etc list at the end. I have been wondering for ages if there was a way to figure out fonts that I see online, and now I’m defo checking out WhatTheFont. Great post, and great new site, I love it!


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