1. Miro - Dose of Dash

    Meg, such great advice! I actually just attended a workshop on a similar subject from a great group for entrepreneurial women called The Ruby.
    I wrote a post on some of my favorite take-aways ( The ones that relate to what you have here are:

    - make it easy for everyone – have your stuff together so that your partners enjoy working with you. go to them with a specific project in mind.
    - in-person connections are so important
    - go into a relationship giving value, don’t ask for something right away
    - keep supporting people whose work you love, even if they don’t want to work with you right away – that could change in a few years!

    So important!

  2. Blair Breitenstein

    Meg, I loved this post. In fact, I am going to print it out and put it on my mirror when I get home (this is what I do with inspiring text.) I wanted to share that whenever I am in a rut I create something just for me…like, something that I have been dying to try to create… and then post it. Usually anything that you really put your heart and passion into shines, which normally sparks positive feedback, which ignites confidence which creates motivation to get back in the game! This might sound romanticized, but for me it’s a really small REALLY simple step. I loved your list thank you! -Blair

    1. Miro - Dose of Dash

      Great advice and not romanticized! Going to remember this, too!

  3. Erica Cook

    Awesome and inspiring post Meg! Thanks for sharing.

  4. jeny

    One of the best blog post I’ve read. Thanks for the virtual kick in the a##.

  5. emmakisstina

    Thanks for this Meg!

    I feel like I’m always in a rut. There is always something. Lately I’ve had to deal with multiple cases of plagiarism which take up a lot of my time (not fun), also since taking a week’s vacation I feel like I’ve lost my flow, and can’t seem to get caught up. When I’m in a rut I never think of doing anything actually productive, such as updating my sites. I usually just stop working all together and hope motivation finds me the next day. I’ll have to think about this list next time :)

    xo Kristina

  6. Diana Pimentel

    Thanks Meg for such a great post and sharing advice!

    You are really inspiring!

    Best wishes

    Diana P

  7. FripperyVintage

    Great post! So much good advice.

  8. Ashley

    You are truly an inspiration. Your GSD articles really help me, get me motivated, and inspire me to get my ass in gear and stop waiting for “the right time” (whenever that is). Thank you for all these tips. I’ll be creating a LinkedIn profile and sending a few emails this week, all thanks to your guidance and verbal kick-in-the-ass.

    xo Ashley

  9. Chervelle Camille

    Yep!! My head has been none stop and anxious lately, even up until just a few minutes ago, then I opened my email to this post. Exactly what I needed: motivation. Thank you for helpful words. Now to get going, that’s the next vital step!

  10. tasha

    this is a great post. It really has sparked some ideas for the site I am launching. It has been a lot of work but I think once I have an actual website up to direct people to that will help.

    I want to launch a tshirt line and I know its a huge investment. I am going to go for it. Do you have any tips on ordering sizing. Dont want to little or too much of a certain size.

  11. Victoria

    This post was def helpful. I am not freelancing – but I am starting a business and these tips certainly still apply. It’s daunting to leave a secure, corp job and start something for yourself that you believe in. However, seeing other people – like you – working toward their goals as well, it makes me feel less in a bubble. Thank you!

  12. Lauren

    Hi Meg,

    This is all great advice and I love this column. Being in a rut is the worst and we’ve all been there. Sometimes all I need is a little inspiration to get the creative juices following; a change of scenery, a long run, a visit to my favorite shop, whatever works. You’ll be amazed at the ideas you come up with!

  13. Eram

    Thanks for the great post, Meg. I’m stuck in a rut trying to find a reliable freelance writer and social media content developer. We use craigslist to locate freelance talent, however I find that its incredibly unreliable. Do you happen to recommend any sites that are helpful resources for finding freelance help? Thanks so much!

  14. Megan Ihnen

    Hi Meg,
    I have turned to this post a number of times for some motivation. It always gives me a little kick to get back out there and start connecting again.

    I wanted to let you know that I quoted you and linked back to this post in this recent Sybaritic Singer challenge:
    28 Days to Diva: Day 13 – Overhaul Your Social Media (#28DaystoDiva)

    Keep up this inspiring work!


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