1. Lisa // Elembee

    Such great tips! I love the ignore list. I keep hearing such great things about the Pomodoro technique, will have to give it a try!

  2. christin

    i’m seriously bookmarking this. Hitha knows her ish. BIG TIME.

  3. Hitha | Hitha On The Go

    Thanks for featuring me, Meg (and my insanely long answers)!

  4. Marcella

    It was great meeting you at IFBCON! And I LOVE this post…so helpful and inspiring! Great work!
    xoxo, Wrk IT Girl

  5. Julie

    Ah, I love Hitha! She runs so many operations simultaneously, such a great person to feature. I’ll definitely be coming back to this for future reference.

  6. Allie Snyder

    ” a personal board of directors…” LOVE this!

    I love these posts. It’s better than my morning coffee, and just the swift kick I need to get my day started and GSD.

  7. Phoebe

    I really appreciate Hitha’s detailed answers!

  8. rita

    so awesome to see someone balancing so many things with such great perspective… thanks!

  9. Bettina

    Loved reading this one! I just came across Hitha’s blog last week and am loving it. She’s got great style and business know how.

  10. Emily | Sparkle Meets Pop

    I’m a new reader and love this feature! I’m always looking to organize my systems and GTD! The ignore list is a big one, and I am really interested in the 25 on/5 off method. Will definitely try it out!

  11. Miro - Dose of Dash

    I feel a little inadequate now… haha! But SOO many good tips – esp. the one about having your own personal board of directors – I’ve found that so helpful. I also like the “To-Ignore List”. I’ll definitely be bookmarking this post!

  12. Morgan

    Amazing info for those of us trying to multitask day job & blogging night job. Thanks!!

  13. Naina Singla

    Love this feature with Hitha 🙂 And appreciate all the links, tips, and apps she recommends.

  14. Jacqueline >> UponWildStars

    Loving the handset and her “to ignore” list! Very inspirational post – really makes me want to prioritize a bit differently. Enjoyed seeing how she juggles different types of work. Awesome read. Thanks, ladies! xo

  15. Ame

    WOW. So organized. I need to hire this one to streamline my life. And my house.


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