1. CS

    Very helpful! Thanks!

  2. Hitha | Hitha On The Go

    I LOVE love love these posts. You know I do. These days I’ve gone all digital for the calendar (Google Cal FTW) and all paper for notes. I’ve been using the Bullet Journal system to manage my paper notes, and it’s singlehandedly changed the way I document everything. I use a Graphic Image leather notebook folio with a spiral notebook inside, saving all my spirals for reference. It works for me, and I’m loving the system.

  3. Drew Elizabeth

    No matter how many times I try to do everything digital I always resort back to paper. I love Graphic Image for all those daily planners and journals. I use Google Drive for all my notes and calendar. Then I have a planner that I carry with me AND a desk daily planner.

  4. Jen

    Love this post! I was also struggling to find the perfect planner this year and it just didn’t happen. Digital doesn’t work for me either… for some reason I need to physically see everything laying out in front of me in order for me to #GSD. Thinking about buying that moleskin planner…


  5. Naina

    Meg- great post! So I use the exact same mini binder from russel and hazel and a notebook from them too- to brainstorm etc..

    What I am missing is a place to make a to do list. Sometimes I print my agenda from google calendar but I am not consistent.

    Do you like the mini binder? I have considered going up in size but then it’s not so easy to carry around.

  6. Julia Coney

    I use the same Russell + Hazel binder for those exact reasons. I need to write notes. I keep the ugliest planner ever, called Planner Pads but it works. I need to write down appointments then compare on Sundays with Google Calendar. Together it works. I went all digital last year and lost my mind. I can’t do it.

  7. Liz

    I love GSD posts! I use a large planner (sugar paper x target) to write down daily to do lists like homework assignments to do that day, pay this bill today, etc. If I want to remember something far in advance I stick a sticky note on the month page. I keep a google calendar to keep track of recurring events, class schedules, appts. which is awesome because the reminders on my phone save me! I also use Todoist for on larger/ going projects that have multiple components that would easily get lost in my weekly planner set up. It sounds chaotic (and it kind of is) but it works for me. There is something so satisfying about physically crossing an item off of my to do list but with everything I have going on I need the synced reminders on my phone/laptop.

  8. Sara

    I really love the idea of using the Russel + Hazel binder for notes, especially because I have several different projects I’m always working on/thinking about at once! I didn’t realize it until reading this but my digital note-taking files aren’t working for me either; I have way too many and they aren’t accessible enough! Thanks for sharing this!

  9. Ginny

    Great post, Meg. I always love seeing others’ methods for staying organized & on top of their to-dos. I’m old school and only use a physical planner. I’ve actually been incredibly disappointed by the available options on the market (have considered designing my own, even) because I really don’t think there’s something out there that has it all. I *do* have a new favorite, though. The Smythson Soho Diary has an investment price tag, but it’s worth it if your planner keeps you sane. The leather & paper quality is top notch, and I really like having the week on one side, with a full page for a to-do list on the other side as I currently operate week to week. I like physically crossing things off and can add them to the next week’s to-do list if I don’t get to them. I also like the fact that you can buy a separate removable/thin address booklet that fits nicely in the back. It’ll save me from rewriting those every single year. I wish there was a section for important dates i.e. birthdays (just made my own) and I’ve also created my own separate log on the blank pages to keep track of client work deadlines on a monthly/annual basis. I also keep a separate Moleskine blank notebook for notes, ideas, discussions with clients, doodles, inspiration, references, etc. I keep the Smythson one very neat, but my Moleskine is where I can be a total mess if I just want to sketch something out. I also keep a physical folder of upcoming project information and a binder & master Excel file for wedding planning.

  10. Baaba

    Soooo glad you did this post! I literally was looking for another journal (I already have 3) before I saw this. My friend just put me on to Google Calendars and I have know idea how I functioned in life without it. Can’t wait to see your post on it!


  11. nora

    I love this system. It has inspired me not to carry my huge planner around everywhere I ago. I will definitely be using my google calendar more. Thanks!!

  12. sasa
  13. Kimberly (Manifest Yourself)

    I recently switched to a digital system on Google after having buying 4 calendars that just didn’t do it for me. So far, so good. I am also making myself write down notes in task form or simply entering them into my calendar with reminders too.

  14. Donna Benedetto

    Every year I revamp my organization system. This year I am using The Day Designer in combination with Todoist. The key for making Todoist work for me is actually printing out the pages, which is my favorite feature. So every project is separate with that particular To Do list.
    What I love about Todoist is that tomorrow if I didn’t finish a few items on my To Do list they still appear as unfinished rather then having to rewrite them from the day before so I don’t forget. I just reprint the unfinished list. Notes that I need to keep on a more long term bases either go into each client file or into a notebook that I revisit on a weekly basis. If an inspiring idea hits it goes straight to the notebook!
    Your system looks like a good one Meg.

  15. Sarah Streebin

    I use Whitney English’s Day Designer and I am so in love with it. I have to have a to do list and every day comes with a column to jot those things down (plus boxes to check them off!). My favorites are a “Top 3” box that gives me the big picture of my day and a “gratitude” box that helps keep me grounded by noting a positive part of my day.

  16. Emily

    Awesome post! I’m so Type-A that I love hearing how others keep on top of things. I’ve historically used the Moleskin (same as you pictured above) in the past (I’ve kept them all and have neatly written the year on the spine once it’s over. Such a dork!) but last year I attempted to go to all digital.
    I’m having the same problem as you- I just don’t keep up with it as well. I was worried that not being able to physically see stuff would have an impact. It took some getting used to, and I’ve been okay with it, but I’m finding myself writing stuff in a general notebook to keep track. It’d be so much better to have it all in one place again!
    I love the Clear app- it’s great for keeping grocery lists, and miscellaneous stuff (books to read, movies to see, etc.) but I’m probably going to pick-up a Moleskin soon. At least it’ll be on sale because it’s February. 🙂

  17. Ashley

    Goddamn, I’ve missed this series. This is such a good post. I keep a bunch of notebooks & a wall calendar, but I’m CRAVING a good planner. I NEED IT!

    xo Ashley

  18. Jenny Liu (

    Hi Meg, great post! Your system sounds similar to Bullet Journal. Have you seen the video?

    I tried to go entirely digital, but I HAVE to write things down by hand. I have a giant monthly calendar pad as well, which I put underneath my keyboard. Perhaps you can use it for your editorial calendar? What do you use for your editorial calendar now?

  19. Angee Robertson

    Great post Meg. Love hearing what others are doing to keep track of their life. Love the fact that people still love to write.

  20. Emily

    Thanks for sharing. I’ve never seen the Moleskin planners before, but I love their sketchbooks. Will definitely be checking them out in the future!

  21. Lauren Hooker

    I absolutely LOVE the Martha Stewart line at Staples—her planner is awesome (it even includes laundry tips…which aren’t totally necessary, but hey! A bonus!). It has notes, to-do lists, and large blocks of open space versus time slots. Highly recommend. I work in Law Enforcement, though, and the boys definitely make fun of me for my robin’s egg blue Martha Stewart calendar. 🙂

  22. adia

    I really love this post and I couldn’t have found it at a better time! I just bought a Kate Spade planner that has great monthly/weekly sections, but I felt like I still needed something to keep notes and lists for various projects, so I’m so happy you mentioned the RH notebook. I was using a little moleskin notebook for random notes + ideas but then when something was no longer needed, it was stuck in my notebook. I’m going to steal Hitha’s idea and get a Graphic Image spiral notebook for this. Awesome post!!

  23. Tori

    I think we have the same brain. I too went from analog planners to digital back to analog and am closest to finding planner peace with my Moleskine. I divide my todo list into sections/categories as you do and use the color coded notebooks for brainstorming/notes. So neat to find someone who thinks like I do!


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