1. rita

    thanks for the reminder! although i didn’t set any specific fitness resolutions or goals this year, i’m excited to get back into a routine as soon as i finally get over this awful cold! new packages and workout clothes are the best way for me to keep myself motivated as well!

  2. Carlene: Healthfully Ever After

    This is such a great post. As a dietitian people come to me with the most lofty health goals after January. And we need to reel it in, be specific, make it actionable and change the behaviors to make the goals a reality! I love that you mention the workout/health should be the most important meeting of your day.

  3. Erika // Radiant Republic

    Great post, Meg! I’ve ramped up my workouts in the new year, too. I love the idea of scheduling my workout as if it’s the most important meeting of the day. So true!

  4. Hitha On The Go

    Excellent post, Meg! I read 5 Factor Fitness over the holidays and have been adhering to the 25-minute cardio & strength workouts pretty religiously. 25 minutes is a lot easier for me to fit into any day than an hour, and doing it in the morning right after I have a quick breakfast helps set the day on the right foot (I place my workout clothes on my nightstand the night before, so I have no excuse to get them on).

  5. Miro - Dose of Dash

    Meg – this is SO true and spot on! What a great thought-provoker to really get to the bottom of your desires and habits.

    I am the exact same way about working out – I will go every day for a few months and then not go at all. This year I want to have a more consistent practice that I look forward to but not overdo it. I think when we go towards one extreme (like working out hardcore every day), we eventually revert into the opposite in subconscious rebellion or fatigue.

    We are all constantly searching for balance in our lives, but in 2013 I’ll be searching for a natural balance (which may not turn out to be so evenly spread) instead of a forced and regimented balance.

  6. Brittany

    Great post! My new years resolution is similar to yours, to continue and deepen my yoga practice. I also live in the Washington, DC area- we are very lucky to have so many great yoga studios around!

    I have been casually practicing yoga for a couple of years (the occasional gym class here and there), but back in October I took it up a notch. I started out with a newbie month long pass and went so often that I felt paying the monthly membership fee was justified. I now go every day and I often crave it if I skip a day.

    I have been amazed at what yoga has done for me. I used to be a cardio junkie, but no amount of cardio has ever made me as toned as yoga does. Yoga also influences my eating habits, I am more aware of what I am putting in my body. Its amazing that something so relaxing can be so great for you!

    And you are totally right, grabbing some cute gear does serve as great motivation. 🙂

  7. Drew @ Catfish & Caviar

    This is great! I am the same way in that I always workout in cycles. Awesome motivational quote. Good Luck!

  8. Jamie

    Oh man, I needed to hear this!

  9. mary beth

    love this post.
    i’m having a similar experience and falling back in love with sweaty yoga/fitness bliss.
    let’s keep it going!!!

  10. Kara

    Wow- this is so true. My fitness-related resolution was to start taking Yoga classes again (I haven’t done them since college) and since my new place of work has a gym and offers free yoga classes, I figured it was time to motivate myself to go! I even scored that DVF yoga mat from the Target/Neiman Marcus collection on sale for $15! As soon as it arrives, I’m off to class!

    Great post!


  11. Melissa

    This is so great and I love the quote! I think I need to print it out and keep it by my desks at home and at the office. One of my New Year’s Resolutions is “Make fitness and healthy eating a lifestyle, not a phase” because I’m just like you in being dedicated to working out for a few months and then totally falling off the bandwagon. Thanks for the great pep talk!

  12. Nancy

    Scheduling my workouts makes such a difference for me, and I find that now lots of classes offer online signups beforehand wich makes it so simple to plan into my day. My favorite workout is flywheel and the signup for classes comes out each sunday for the coming week, so every sunday I make a point of sitting down and planning our my workouts for the week! But now you’ve reminded me that I need to get back into my yoga routine!!

  13. Jo

    What are your studio recommendations for DC? I have been to a lot of them, but I am always interested in hearing about ones that people love. Thanks!

  14. azrakun

    wow, yoga more then 5 times a week?! it sounds like a great resolution, but i wonder if that is sustainable. Is that even good for the body?

    I guess doing certain routine every morning would not hurt, but I would be reluctant to do such a major commitment with wise breaks for the body. I do have couple friends who’ve gotten injured by over-doing yoga. That being said I wish implement more yoga into my routine…

  15. michelle

    scheduling my workouts was the best thing I ever did. it keeps me accountable and ensures that I get that hour each day all to myself. honestly I get angry if someone wants me to use my break for anything else!

  16. kimberlyloc

    What kind of yoga do you practice? I’ve been doing Ashtanga for a year, and I absolutely love it. However, I had a falling out with my practice during a busy eight weeks in the fall, and I noticed *SO MUCH* go wrong with my skin, my mind and my body. When I got back on my regular schedule (agree with you about making it the most important meeting of your day!), everything else just seemed to get back in sync. The only times I can let myself out of my important meeting with my mat is when I’m sick — treat it like I would a work day! But I do find that I am always looking forward to my practice because that is *ME* time to both center myself, sweat it out and not be tied to electronic devices 🙂

  17. lauren @ la petite fashionista

    i love this quote! thank you for the much needed motivation this morning 🙂

    I tend to do the same- work out religiously and then slack off. I miss my flexible schedule while I was in college! but that’s no excuse 🙂 I want to do more of the things I love this year



    this sounds like my story. We have a gym downstairs that is part of our building amenities, so no excuse. I havent gone since we moved in but ever since the new year ive started going! Hoping my motivation stays with me.
    good luck!


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