1. Amanda

    This is perfect timing for this post. I am trying hot yoga tonight for the first time. I believe it’s Hot Hatha Yoga, not Bikram. I’m not really sure of the difference though, I haven’t done much yoga in the past. Thanks for the great tips!

  2. Rachael

    These are awesome, awesome tips. I have been taking vinyasa yoga casually but have been dying to try Bikram. Bookmarking this post for when I decide to give it a go 🙂

  3. Dana

    I LOVE Bikram. I do it at Bikram Yoga Arlington and I really love it there (and they give out freezing cold minty towels). I always feel great after doing Bikram and even during it. I love how I can feel myself getting more flexible and balanced during the second and third times doing a pose. I will admit, I hate camel pose – it actually makes me angry while I’m in it (how strange, I know).

    Pink Champagne Problems

  4. Kimberly (Manifest Yourself)

    Great tips! I’ve done Bikram a few times and loved it. Definitely a challenging, but oh-so-rewarding experience.

  5. Martha

    I’ve been practicing Bikram for almost two years and I LOVE it!! As someone who had not regularly exercised before I started going…I’ve stuck with it and try to go at the very least three times a week, but strive to go every other day.

    The VF article is rather disturbing, but I agree with you, it shouldn’t cloud what we think about the type of yoga as a whole and our local studios.

    Your tips at the end are definitely spot on…and your postures look great! I am not affected by eating before class, not that I would eat a heavy meal and then go, but it doesn’t affect me the way I’ve heard it does other people. Further proof that everyone’s body is different. I’ve practiced at Tysons, Ashburn and currently at the Alexandria studio (they give out popsicles after class!)

    Can I ask what other kinds of exercise you do in combination with Bikram or when you are taking time off? I feel like I should be doing some cross training, but am at a loss for where to start.

    Thanks for the great article!

  6. Nisha Balwani

    Great tips! I’ve been doing Bikram for a couple years now and love it. I can’t help but laugh and strongly strongly agree with #12- my hair tie broke at my yoga class last week and it was a total crisis. I was a mess! Just bought a new pack and leaving them in my yoga bag! 🙂

  7. Sarah | Live The Life You Dream About

    Huge bikram fan and Bikram NYC member. Thanks for your tips Meg!

  8. Katya

    I have, like yourself, have done various yoga styles over the years, but since last year have been more consistent with a heated vinyasa class. Two of my mats (both Target purchases) are on their last breaths. Can you recommend a mat? I need a bit of padding since my wrists always bother me. Love your fitness columns. Thanks in advance.

  9. lori @

    Hi Meg — So enjoyed reading your experience with Bikram! Thanks for all the details. Nice postures, by the way! I enjoy yoga as well and have just started some barre. Would love to hear your experience with barre as well and perhaps a comparison of the two on a future post, perhaps? And, yes, the mat cleaner – so key!

  10. sahra

    I actually just started yoga! I go to Yoga District on H street; while it’s not Bikram, the instructor for my Ashtanga class keeps the room nice and warm. I also live right by the Bikram Yoga Capitol Hill and have been dying to get a Groupon and try it myself!

    Great post, and your poses and attire inspire me!

    XO Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra

  11. Corinna


    I love this post ! I have been in and out of hot yoga for the past three years, (tried bikram a couple of times, not my thing) and have currently gotten back into hot yoga. I am wondering if you have any hair tips, specifically washing tips throughout the week and to prevent dryness?


  12. Gena Newcomb

    I LOVE Bikram. All of your tips are spot-on. I’ve been in a fitness rut (a total couch potato) for about a year now and have been itching to go back. Nervous for how difficult it will be, but excited to see myself improve over time!

  13. Anna S.

    Three words: frozen water bottle. Bring it in with you and it melts enough to have little sips throughout and by the end of the class, it’s just cold water and is super refreshing!


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