1. Emily

    I just saw these a couple of weeks ago and fell in love! They are so cool looking, and I swear they’d go with everything…maybe I’m really trying to justify them!?!

  2. Trissta

    Oh my lord. Isabel Marant is one of my absolute favorites. I found an Isabel Marant skirt in a thrift store one day and was beyond excited and paranoid that someone else was going to sneak into my basket and steal it! I love the wedges she creates as well, she definitely knows how to balance between style and comfort, which is totally what I dress for!

    Much Love,

  3. FripperyVintage

    Love those! I wish they would give us a bigger sneak peek!

  4. Emma

    Cute boots! You know what I like about them? They marry the styling of her sneaker wedges with a boot. Since I wasn’t a huge fan of the sneaker wedge, it’s nice to see a similar esthetic in a piece that’s more my taste.


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