1. Roan

    I love the leather and tweed look! it brings sass to clothing that can sometimes feel grandmotherly. One of my favorite tweed pieces is this dress by 3.1 Phillip Lim which you could wear with this leather jacket over it by Rachel Zoe.

  2. Lisa // Elembee

    Love! I’m not usually a fan of tweed, but with the leather it looks fantastic. And I love those shoes!

  3. Grace - Stripes & Sequins

    She is adorable – love her jacket!

  4. Naomi A

    Ooo I am loving those flats! And you are right about her haircut, I do wish I could pull that off~

  5. Molly

    You are so lucky to have Beth! She is incredibly talented with the best fashion sense! Love her!

  6. Erika [small shop]

    Ok super adorable! Love the flats!

  7. Christine

    This is fab (per usual). Love the edge of the leather on the tweed to keep it from being too stuffy. The shoes are adorable, too!

  8. azrakun

    I love this outfit – especially the jacket with scarf…

  9. Cassidy

    Love her style! Is she from DC?

  10. Lauren (The Girls of Lincoln Park)

    Second Erica, LOVE the flats!!

  11. Nancy Powell

    Yeah, she is seriously adorable and can wear anything well. I love your new website and all the changes Meg. Fabulous job.
    xo Nancy

  12. Naina Singla

    Meg-the new site looks fabulous! A big congrats to you. And looking forward to seeing more content from your new contributors! xx, Naina

  13. Ashley

    Love those flats! Zara is so amazing!
    & congrats on your new site Meg!


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