1. celine {aquahaus}

    What a thoughtful post. I have thought about this frequently as I have gotten older. As you age, the pool of people you are exposed to, and can become friends with, dwindles significantly. The chances you’ll click with someone, and will have time to actually cultivate that friendship becomes more and more unlikely. That is what is so amazing and crazy about the internet. Although it’s weird, you actually can find like- minded people that like doing the same stuff as you! It is amazing to slowly get to know these people, and then even become friends in real life. The world is evolving!

  2. A.

    Great post! You are so right about the nature of making friends as we get older. As someone who moved to the city when I was 30, I’ve found it difficult to make those connections to people I click with. It used to be so easy, but as you say – my standards for how I spend my time has evolved.

  3. jaime

    I am in MA and my bff is moving next week to ME. Another good friend of mine moved last year to TX. It will be easier to see/k.i.t. with Mainer but still doesn’t make it easy… thank goodness for technology, indeed!

  4. LG

    I love this post! I moved to DC after college and really resented it for a while because I felt like it was so hard to meet people I really connected with. In time I came to realize what you articulated so well in this post – I was growing up and adjusting to life with very limited free time, and for that reason my standards for how I wanted to spend my time and who I wanted to spend it with kept getting higher. I finally made peace with the fact that those magical people don’t just walk into our lives every day…which is why its so heartbreaking when they leave! And the sad thing about DC is that almost everybody I meet is just passing through.

  5. Miro - Dose of Dash

    I went to boarding school and for college we scattered all over the country (and sometimes on a different continent). For me, a lot of those girls are not people who I speak to often, but we all know that we still love each other dearly. Just like with your KC friends, when we get together it’s like no time has passed – we just click. Those kinds of friendships are so valuable and timeless.

  6. Jessie

    I always categorized myself as the type of person to treasure old friends, and reluctant to make new ones. But I married into a lifestyle that takes us around the world every few years, so it’s been crazytimes trying to break out of that original mindset. In the end, I love sitting back to evaluate the friendships that I’ve made, old and new. And no matter how old I get, no matter who does the leaving, it’s never easy to say goodbye (although, let’s all give a collective shout-out to skype, am I right?!?!).
    Thanks for starting the convo!


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