the peninsula hong kong afternoon tea

I could have spent another few days just at The Peninsula itself. Obviously if you are in Hong Kong you should venture out and experience the city, BUT The Peninsula is an experience worthy of having on it’s own.

1. Afternoon Tea.

They said people line up to partake in this famous tea, and they weren’t lying. There was a line for tea all afternoon. This would be the perfect thing to experience with your best gal pals. A long afternoon tea with the most adorable and delicious cakes and cookies (pictured above).

2. Enjoy services at the spa.

On my first day in Hong Kong, I arrived at 6am after a 15-hour flight, and was told to stay awake as long as possible, even to midnight, to try to beat jet lag. However, with a back-to-back massage and facial, staying awake was impossible. I was able to stay awake for most of it in a scented-oil-filled nirvana. Once she got down on my slightly headachy scalp, I was out. I woke up to the curtains being raised with a night view of the lights of Hong Kong. What a way to end 2 hours of bliss. I highly highly recommend spending half a day in the spa. Get there early to enjoy every part of the experience.

3. Go shopping.

With stores like Chanel and Prada in the building, it’s hard to not at least window shop. And they aren’t the least bit snobby. If you’re ready for that investment bag, what a memorable place to make that investment.

4. Eat at Felix, which was designed by Philippe Starck.

Not only was the food delicious, but the view. The view! And of course, the decor of the place is really something.

5. Enjoy time at the pool.

Seems like a weird recommendation, but this is no regular pool, no. This pool is like something out of a movie (I’m sure it’s been in a movie, it’s too good not to be). Not only is the pool stunning in itself, but you can order food on the pool deck and enjoy the amazing view of Hong Kong — during the day, or at night. I say both!


Photo by Meg Biram

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cathay pacific business class

Having recently spent 15+ hours on a plane to Hong Kong and back, there were a few things I learned that I thought I’d share with you.


9 tips for really  long flights:


1. Pack a small essentials bag to keep in your seat with you.

Personally I hate having to get up into the overhead bins, but I also don’t like to have too much down at my feet. So the smallest bag/tote/pouch you can get away with having in/under your seat will make the flight seem less hectic. If all you have are the essentials and you keep a bag of everything else up above, then you won’t be worried about losing anything. I used the black PAK by Blair Ritchey.

On my recent trip to China, I was lucky that no one was sitting next to me on any of my flights so I could use that seat to hold my book, magazine, computer, water bottle, and my essentials pouch.

2. Get a neck pillow.

Trust me. Do it. I didn’t have one on my flight from NYC to Hong Kong, and man did I regret it. I didn’t realize they’d have the lights off almost the entire time, making it a lot easier to doze off (for someone who almost never sleeps on planes). I slept about half the flight, but I was constantly adjusting my pillow and scarf and I woke up with a crick in my neck.

For my flight home, I went ahead and bought a neck pillow in the Hong Kong airport and I am SO GLAD I did. I slept probably 2/3 of the flight back, and my neck didn’t hurt at all. I bought this neck pillow and it is the bomb. Seriously, if you sleep on flights, you need to get one. A good one. They are worth every inch of space they take up if you are going on a long flight. I recommend this neck pillow. Continue reading…