The last time we moved was four years ago, and we were moving into a bigger place than we previously lived in. That made it easier to put things in a corner until we wanted to deal with them, and still have space to live and function.

Our recent move that was admittedly a bit rushed, was to a smaller place. Because it was rushed (due to service elevator availability) it was somewhat unorganized and I didn’t have time to purge as I was packing. If I wanted to get everything on the moving truck and have some of my husband’s friends help with moving all of it, I had one day to throw it in a box. I had no time for sorting things into keep/donate/trash piles.

That is the worst feeling — packing things up that you wanted to go through and get rid of. Instead I had more stuff to move, more to play box Tetris with in our new place, and I’m still downsizing. I probably got rid of 30-40% off our kitchen/entertaining items. Stuff I just never used — big platters, cheese boards, ice buckets, martini glasses, my juicer (I use my blender). I got rid of all of my magazines. Downsized my home office probably 50% — old taxes, old holiday cards, office supplies I don’t need/use.

I had already gone through my Life Edit process for my wardrobe (which I basically am constantly doing) BUT I had 7 shopping bags full of clothes to sell. I’ve sold two of the seven and I just keep taking the bags to different resale shops until it’s all gone! Wish I would have done that earlier for sure. We also had to get rid of a lot of our big furniture. That was painful. I loved all of my furniture, but I think it all went to really happy homes.

We already love our new place so much more than our old one (see sneak peeks on my snapchat, user: megbiram). Even though our old place was 250 square feet bigger (we were spoiled) it was in a sleepy part of DC. Now we are in a busier younger part of DC where we live in a pet-friendly building with people our own age. We can walk to bars and restaurants and have three grocery stores within four blocks of our building (one is across the street!).

I learned a lot from this move. And if you haven’t moved for a while, sometimes you forget things, so let me enlighten you if you are moving soon.  Continue reading…