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This month’s questions for our post linkup over at The B Bar is pretty deep/personal. Which is why I love them. We have two of them this month, and I thought I’d answer them as well. I’m answering both of these questions by category — the future of my life and then also for my blog & business.

What are you doing now to prepare for your future? 

Life: When I think of “preparing for my future” my mind immediately goes financial. And without getting too personal here, I feel like I’m in a good place in some ways and I thought I’d be in a different place in other ways.

One amazing thing is that my husband and I have zero debt. We don’t even have a mortgage right now as we sold our home we still had in Kansas City last fall. I have only a few payments left on my student loans from college (which is why I say zero debt because I could pay it completely off right now if I wanted) so that will be gone in a few months. We finished paying my husband’s college loan off last year. So not only do we not have what is considered “good debt” (a mortgage and student loans aren’t really looked at as bad), but we also don’t have any bad debt. We pay our credit card off every month, our car has been paid off for years, and we only have one car. For where we live in DC right now we only need one car. We also both have retirement funds that we both contribute to (and if you don’t yet — GET ONE!).

When other people think of future, they might be thinking husband or baby — but I’ve been happily married for ten years (this week!) and babies aren’t anywhere in our near future (if ever). So my relationship and babies aren’t really what I think about when I think of the word future. I just see me and my husband being happy, and living a long loving life together (at least that’s what I hope for).

So that all sounds good, right? Now for the not-so-sure part.

Where we live is a huge thing on my mind for the future. The near future and the far future. We’ll probably change up where we live in the DC are this year. More to come on that if anything happens. We are tied to DC because of my husband’s work (for now), so we’re looking for something more permanent here that we can make our own. To be honest, I am excited about this near future move, but I’m also not excited. I love living right in the city, close to everything and not worrying about things breaking on a home that we’ll have to fix, but I also love the idea of having my own house again so we can update it how we want to. So this move will be interesting.

I also love to travel, and want to do it much much more (working on that) in the near future. I’d rather spend money traveling then on a mortgage, hence why my next move will be interesting. Houses in the DC area are ridiculous expensive. R i d i c u l o u s. Also, as much as I like DC, I don’t like the weather (basically hate the winter), and I’m not a fan of the constant allergies I have here. I’d prefer to live other places in the US and the world. Hopefully we will eventually make that happen.

Those are the main things that come to mind when I think of the future in my life. There are many others, but then this post would never end!

Blog & Business: I feel like I’m constantly thinking about the future of my blog & business. Like every. single. day. As far as preparing for it, I feel like planning and people would be the two keys to what I’m doing right now for my business future.

I do my best to plan things out, and follow the plan — whether that be an editorial calendar, or a long-term project. I think planning is key.

People are the other key. Your network can really make a HUGE difference in the success of your business if you are an entrepreneur. I think I’ve done a good job of meeting people and making connections. Could I do better? Yes, I do think so. I should probably try to meet more people outside my network, but overall I’ve got good people.

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