Dream Home Part III // Kitchen

Dream Kitchen - marble countertops

We’re already to the end of my dream home series. Make sure you read part one about my dream master bathroom, and part two about what I’d love to have in an outdoor space.

For this series Capital One dared me to dream up what I would do if I could renovate or build my dream home using their home equity loans. I love dreaming about my ideal spaces. I actually think all of this research will be helpful when I actually do buy my next home!

So let’s chat kitchens! Continue reading…

Dream Home Part II // Outdoor Space

Dream Home // Amazing Patio for Entertaining

There just something about the phrase dream home that gets my creative juices flowing. To get the full gist of my dream home series with Capital One be sure to read my first post about my dream master bathroom!

I mentioned in that post that there were three spaces that I really want out of my dream home — an amazing master bathroom was the first, and for this post I want to focus on outdoor space!

I love being outside. I mentioned in my first post that I want a pool, which I definitely do, but I know that is something I will have to compromise on while we live in DC. The only way I’ll have a pool is if we live in a building or community that has one or if I suddenly make millions and millions of dollars!

If I’m going to be realistic for one second, my own pool in DC is out of the question, but personal outdoor space isn’t. The most common of which in DC would be either a patio or a roof deck. And the great thing about a roof deck — the view! I’d love nothing more than to buy a townhome that either already has a roof deck on it, or I’d definitely want to add one.

Adding a roof deck or making your outdoor space magical might seem like something that would be unattainable or crazy expensive but I’m here to tell you that it could be a reality with a Capital One home equity loan. See, I think you should really love where you live if you spend a lot of time there. And if there is something specific that gives you a lot of joy in life, well then you owe it to yourself to at least look into the cost of making it a reality, because it might actually be possible! Whether it’s a large project or small upgrade, Capital One’s tools can help you choose the right option for your specific situation. Continue reading…