My Best Advice on How to Have a Happy Relationship


I got married young. I hadn’t even been 22 years old for two months. I graduated college one week before my wedding day, and had a job offer exactly three days after my graduation and four days before my wedding. The job was in Florida. We lived in Missouri. We did it, all of it, in 2 weeks. Graduated, got a jobs, got married, went on our honeymoon, packed up our stuff and moved to Florida.

My husband and I met at the end of our freshman year in college. We went to different schools about three hours away from each other, but he just happened to be working near where I would be living the summer right after we met. We started hanging out fairly regularly, he met my parents and siblings, and three months later as I left to go back to my University for the fall we hadn’t really defined what was going on. Continue reading…


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I wanted to thank the hundreds of you who took my survey last fall! It was SO HELPFUL!!! I have been reading all of the responses, analyzing them, highlighting insights, making documents of all the data, gleaning content ideas, really it’s been amazing.

I try to walk the line of not only listening to my audience and giving you what you want, but also showing you things/exposing you to content that I think is cool or interesting, even if it might not be the most popular thing out there.

Some of you asked whether or not I’d share the info, so I wanted to let you in on some of the insights (I’m always so curious to know these things!). If you want to add your thoughts or additional thoughts, please do so in the comments. I really value your opinions! Continue reading…