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Over at The B Bar‘s blog The Well, we ask our readers a question each month and anyone can answer it, this month we asked what their summer essentials were because our theme for the month is essential. When I think about “summer essentials” my mind immediately goes to what do I use/wear constantly throughout the summer, and five things immediately came to mind.

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February Beauty Wishlist

Um, how cool is this black electric toothbrush?! Supposedly it won’t scratch away at enamel or irritate gums like traditional fiber bristles so that’s a win.

I actually just got a few colors from Zoya and am obsessed with the matte black. So now I want to try their matte gray, plus Jane and Megan (of course). #nailpolishaddict

I’ve been wanting to try some different shades of blush. Right now I mainly use NARS Orgasm but I’m thinking I should branch out and try some other colors. I love the name of this blush duo — tawny/whisper.

Now that my hair is white, my eyebrows stand out a lot. I’m in major need of some eyebrow gel to keep my brows in place. If you have any favorite brands, please share!

Okay, this might sound like I’m an old woman, but I love foot baths. Recently I read about epsom salt baths and decided I wanted to make them a part of my routine. Right now I’m just using some storage tupperware, but would love a foot bath that keeps the water warm longer than 20 minutes. Also, please share any suggestions if you have one you like.

What’s on your beauty wishlist?


porter magazine - desktop - meg biram

Most people have a “signature scent” or at least a few that they rotate, but do you know the notes in your favorite fragrances? Fragrances have always been something I’ve been interested in. I love wearing perfume. It just seems luxurious and the best way to make a first impression — with your signature scent. Unfortunately my Mr. doesn’t like perfume (he’s allergic) so I keep most of them at my studio and wait until I get there to put them on. This way I can share them with all the ladies in the studio as well.

I actually used to be a fragrance buyer in college at the MIZZOU bookstore (coolest college job ever) so I’m interested in more than just a cool bottle and a smell I like, I want to know what the notes are. Over years of trying out new scents I can usually tell if I’ll like a fragrance even before I smell it just by looking at the notes.

fragrance notes

So when Josie Natori asked me to try their new scent JOSIE by Josie Natori, I looked up the notes — musky, woody, balsamic, white floral and floral — and I knew I’d like it. Those are all notes on my list of favorites. Other notes I love are vanilla, warm spicy, nutty, amber, powdery, and leather. So usually any fragrance that has a majority of those 11 notes, I know I’ll like it. JOSIE was no different. It’s definitely a fragrance I’ll be putting into my rotation at the studio. The gals here love it too.

josie natori fragrance

It’s always fun when a brand uses packaging to impress and surprise. I’ve never seen a bottle like the JOSIE bottle, and the box was fun as well.

desk top

Pictured: Art — Graceful Glam I by Gray Malin; Notebook; Hair Tie; Nail Polish; Pencil Case; Gold Stapler; Lipstick; GSD Week Notepad


Photos by Meg Biram

This post was sponsored by Josie Natori Fragrance and Refinery29. All opinions are my own. 

The JOSIE fragrance is sold exclusively at Bloomingdales & Dillards.