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Most people have a “signature scent” or at least a few that they rotate, but do you know the notes in your favorite fragrances? Fragrances have always been something I’ve been interested in. I love wearing perfume. It just seems luxurious and the best way to make a first impression — with your signature scent. Unfortunately my Mr. doesn’t like perfume (he’s allergic) so I keep most of them at my studio and wait until I get there to put them on. This way I can share them with all the ladies in the studio as well.

I actually used to be a fragrance buyer in college at the MIZZOU bookstore (coolest college job ever) so I’m interested in more than just a cool bottle and a smell I like, I want to know what the notes are. Over years of trying out new scents I can usually tell if I’ll like a fragrance even before I smell it just by looking at the notes.

fragrance notes

So when Josie Natori asked me to try their new scent JOSIE by Josie Natori, I looked up the notes — musky, woody, balsamic, white floral and floral — and I knew I’d like it. Those are all notes on my list of favorites. Other notes I love are vanilla, warm spicy, nutty, amber, powdery, and leather. So usually any fragrance that has a majority of those 11 notes, I know I’ll like it. JOSIE was no different. It’s definitely a fragrance I’ll be putting into my rotation at the studio. The gals here love it too.

josie natori fragrance

It’s always fun when a brand uses packaging to impress and surprise. I’ve never seen a bottle like the JOSIE bottle, and the box was fun as well.

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Pictured: Art — Graceful Glam I by Gray Malin; Notebook; Hair Tie; Nail Polish; Pencil Case; Gold Stapler; Lipstick; GSD Week Notepad


Photos by Meg Biram

This post was sponsored by Josie Natori Fragrance and Refinery29. All opinions are my own. 

The JOSIE fragrance is sold exclusively at Bloomingdales & Dillards.


winter skin

Every fall and winter my skin gets super dry, and because I’m a bit of a germaphobe I wash my hands a lot which doesn’t help dry skin. And I really dislike putting lotion on my skin. This is basically the perfect recipe for cracked skin, and it can get so bad my knuckles will even bleed a little. The obvious question is, why don’t I just put lotion on my hands? The answer is that I hate having lotion on my hands and I will only put it on in grave conditions because I hate having greasy hands.

So in addition to drinking a ton of water and sleeping with a humidifier on, I needed to find a product that I could put on before bed, or in times of major need (when my knuckles are in pain!) that would do the trick. Not just a Bandaid trick but like really do the trick. Enter Skinfix. For me, the lotion and the hand repair creme are perfect for my dire cracked-hands situation and my legs also get super dry and itchy in the winter. I put the lotion on my legs and the creme on my hands before I hop in bed in the winter and wake up to non-cracked skin! I don’t think I’m going to have any dry skin problems this winter! Continue reading…


27 nail products

I am such a nail girl. I like having my nails done at all times, and if they aren’t, or they are chipped — it drives me nuts. I’ve always been good at painting my own nails and I do so at least once a week. I’m always on the lookout for new and better nail products. Especially if they are fast-drying or an amazing topcoat. New colors each season also get me very excited. I’m pretty seasonal when it comes to polish — I wear darks in the winter, and sometimes wear brights in the summer. Neutrals happen year round.

This month I wanted to see if there were some nail products I didn’t know about, so I asked my beauty bloggers what some of their favorite nail products are, and what the best at-home products for nails? I also wanted to know if they had any favorite go-to nail colors for fall/winter and if there are nail trends they were wanting to try.

Continue reading to see what they all recommend!

Continue reading…