biossance beauty oil

I’m all about oils right now. I even can’t remember the last time I bought lotion. I’m on #teamoil.

I’m also all about beauty products that work for more than one thing, which is one of the reasons Biossance is awesome — you can use it so many ways. Not only on your all over your skin (I’ve been putting it on my legs everyday!) but you can use it as a hair serum (tame frizz and add shine), dry skin patches, and for your cuticles!

biossance beauty oil

biossance beauty oil

One part of my body I didn’t realize I needed to pay attention to is the décolleté. Which is basically from your chest to your neck. If you like the beach and the sun (like me) this part of your body gets a lot of rays and needs to be taken care of so it doesn’t turn into leather later on.

I finally started putting oil on my décolleté a few years ago. I’m not religious enough about it, but I do it a few times a week before I get in bed.

biossance beauty oil

Biossance’s oil The Revitalizer is 100% Neossance® Squalane plant-based emollient that occurs naturally in your own skin and prevents moisture loss while restoring the skin’s suppleness and flexibility. It is produced from renewable and sustainable sugar cane and is also paraben-free (preservative-free), non-comedogenic (doesn’t clog your pores) and hypoallergenic.

I love how Biossance thinks beyond just the product. They have a 4-week program called the #EmbodiedProject where they aim to help women look, feel, and ultimately be the healthiest, happiest, most beautiful versions of themselves.

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biossance beauty oil

biossance beauty oil


Photos by Laura Metzler

This post was done in collaboration with Biossance. All opinions are my own. 


summer essentials

Over at The B Bar‘s blog The Well, we ask our readers a question each month and anyone can answer it, this month we asked what their summer essentials were because our theme for the month is essential. When I think about “summer essentials” my mind immediately goes to what do I use/wear constantly throughout the summer, and five things immediately came to mind.

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February Beauty Wishlist

Um, how cool is this black electric toothbrush?! Supposedly it won’t scratch away at enamel or irritate gums like traditional fiber bristles so that’s a win.

I actually just got a few colors from Zoya and am obsessed with the matte black. So now I want to try their matte gray, plus Jane and Megan (of course). #nailpolishaddict

I’ve been wanting to try some different shades of blush. Right now I mainly use NARS Orgasm but I’m thinking I should branch out and try some other colors. I love the name of this blush duo — tawny/whisper.

Now that my hair is white, my eyebrows stand out a lot. I’m in major need of some eyebrow gel to keep my brows in place. If you have any favorite brands, please share!

Okay, this might sound like I’m an old woman, but I love foot baths. Recently I read about epsom salt baths and decided I wanted to make them a part of my routine. Right now I’m just using some storage tupperware, but would love a foot bath that keeps the water warm longer than 20 minutes. Also, please share any suggestions if you have one you like.

What’s on your beauty wishlist?