My Latest Beauty Obsession: Gel Manicure at Home

Gel Shellac Manicure at Home

You know how awesome it is after you get a gel manicure and you don’t have to worry about smudging your polish? The first time I ever got a gel mani I was in disbelief that my nails were actually fully dry. The joy it gave me to not have to worry about my nails for the next few hours was maybe even a little ridiculous, but I’m a bit of a nail freak.

Even though I was so excited about gel nails I never got into too much of a habit with gel nails until the past few years (mostly because of the expense, but also because of the time and health factors). Now that I do photo shoots regularly, having my nails done became much more necessary. Since I also do CrossFit, regular polish doesn’t stand a chance. Between moving weights around the gym and doing the dishes, a regular mani with a really good topcoat will only last two days max.

I know that nail polish in general isn’t great health wise (just Google it), so I give my nails lots of breaks from polish. I also never became a regular mani/pedi getter because of the expense. I’m good at painting my own nails so I would mostly do them myself at home.

In the summer, before important events, or vacations I would always get pedicures, but rarely would I get a manicure.  Continue reading…


Meg Biram at Dolzecca Coffee with StyleMBA

You might be following along with my hair story. I don’t talk about it too much because, well hair grows really freaking slow. On your head at least, everywhere else it seems to grow too fast, right!? (P.S. I want to get laser hair removal, has anyone had it? Fave spots in DC to get it?).

Back to my head. I don’t update about it much because not much has changed. If you haven’t been following the story, here’s the very short version. In January 2015 I dyed my hair pure white. It was white until September 2015 when I felt like it was just really dry and getting a little too damaged (hahaha now I look back and think THAT WAS NOTHING). And I wonder, had I been taking care of that white hair if it would have been fine. Oh hindsight is a 20/20 bitch isn’t it? Continue reading…

The Toothbrush that Actually Makes Me Enjoy Brushing My Teeth

Quip Electric Toothbrush - Meg Biram

I have a love/hate relationship with my teeth. I got lucky in that I only had to have “brackets” for one year in elementary school when it was cool to change the color of your rubber bands. I didn’t even have full on braces, just 6 brackets on top (or at least that’s what they called them back then, but we’ll call it braces). My bottom teeth were straight. So that was the upside.

The downside, and there’s a big one, I had an overbite and had to wear the dreaded headgear to sleep. My headgear hooked into a metal hole that was put on my top molars and had a pink strap that went around my neck. Luckily it was just for a few years, but ugh headgear is no fun and you can only sleep on your back. If there is any photo evidence of this headgear it must be in my mom’s possession because I looked through all of my old photos and didn’t find any.

Let’s just take a trip down memory lane to my 4th and 5th grade school photos… Continue reading…

8 Beauty Products for Dry Skin in the Winter

8 Products for Your Dry Winter Skin

I would say that I have regular to dry skin. Never oily. Although I think having oily skin can be a blessing — your skin is always moisturized! I feel like that pays off later in life with less wrinkles. I don’t know, I’m not a scientist or doctor, but that just seems like it would be true. Basically I think my skin is aging worse than my oily-skinned friends.

Because my skin is on the dry side, the winter is especially harsh on it and I use a few different products than I do during the other seasons.

These are some of my favorite beauty products for dry skin in the winter months: Continue reading…