seven beauty products for travel

I made it to Hong Kong Monday morning around 6am. Hong Kong is exactly 12 hours ahead of DC/NYC time, so if it’s 6am for me, it’s 6pm on the East Coast in the US. When instagrammed how I was able to pack for the week in just a carry on, shocking to many I’m sure (myself included), a reader commented asking how did I get all of my “liquids” into my carry on bag. And you might be shocked to find out that I usually only bring 7 or so small liquids with me when I travel. There are cases when I bring a lot more liquids, like when we went to the Bahamas last month I had done research and learned that sunscreen and bug spray was way more expensive there then buying them in the US so I did bring a ton of sunscreen and had to check the bag with the products.

Typically when I’m staying in a hotel, I never bring shampoo, conditioner, body wash or a hair dryer. So all of those things I didn’t bring with me to China and I definitely didn’t need to. On this particular trip I knew there would be great toiletries provided by The Peninsula, but even so, I rarely bring shampoo, conditioner or body wash with me anyway.

So, what are the 7 items I bring with me when I travel?

1. It’s a 10: Miracle Leave-In Product. I found this product via Claire’s recommendation on my monthly beauty blogger column, and lemmetellya, this really is a miracle product. I basically don’t even need/use conditioner anymore. I just spray this all over my head after I get out of the shower, wait a minute or two, and my hair is so easy to comb through.  For a drugstore purchase, this is a lot, but I’ve never found anything close to how well it performs.

2. Soapwalla Deodorant Cream. Ok, so I used to never sweat. I’m talking 90 degrees outside and I’m not sweating yet. Then it’s like I turned 30 and boom, sweat glands are open for business. So my never-wearing-deodorant thing quickly turned to can-anyone-smell-me??? However, I’m concerned about breast cancer, and have read about some things deodorant leading to cancer (seems like almost everything can be blamed for cancer…) This natural deodorant is the best natural product I’ve found on the market yet. Continue reading…