modern art gallery wall



Untitled, November 2012, Kate Long Stevenson

Neil’s Face 2014, Sally King Benedict

Everything Has Been Done, Not All Of It Well, Rose Duggan


black white painting in meg biram studio

I feel like I say this all the time…if you follow me on Instagram, you might know… I say that because I like to use Instagram as a behind-the-scenes of what’s going on in my life and business. As much as I like my Instagram to be full of pretty pictures, I also want them to be interesting and represent real things in my life and work. I did art direct photo & style photo shoots for a living (and still do), so making a photo look good is something I can’t even help if I tried. Anyway, the reason I say if you follow me on Instagram, you might know today, is because if you do, you might have seen that I have been doing a lot of painting lately.

This spike in painting (a major passion of mine) has come about for a few reasons: time, space, and desire.

Time because I actually have time and am making the time for it.

Space is a major one because I live in a 1-bedroom condo that is not conducive to painting giant messy canvases but within the past few months I was able to get a little space in an art studio to work out of (hooray!).

Desire because I pretty much constantly have the overwhelming urge to paint and create.

Why I bring this up today is because a friend of mine recently mentioned that she might want to commission a painting and was hoping I would deliver it in person. She lives in Kansas City & I’m in DC so I’m pretty sure she was joking. BUT I just happened to be headed to Kansas City (where I’m from) to visit family at the end of September, so I thought, I’ll just do the painting while I’m there and save her on shipping. And then I thought, if I’m going to be painting for her, I might as well see if anyone else wants a large commission while I’m there, I’ll come an extra day and save everyone on shipping large paintings (which can cost several hundred to ship) and spend a little extra time with family and friends. My mom thanks you.

So before I get extended tickets for my trip (for my grandpa’s 80th birthday party!!!) I thought I’d ask any of you Kansas City area readers if you wanted a large painting while I’m in Kansas City in September and you can save on the shipping. I’ll only be doing this for large paintings 36″ x 36″ and larger.

If you’ve got a wall you need some artwork on before the holidays, let me know! If interested in the KC opportunity, please email me this week for all the details: meg (at) megbiram (dot) com. I’d be delivering the painting to your home on September 29th or 30th. We can chat sizes, colors, etc. But the painting will be a large abstract in the style you see above, but custom colors to your space and what you want.

The painting above, I’m Blushing, is currently in my Georgetown studio. It’s 60″ x 36″ and is available for purchase (even though it will be hard to part with). Email me to inquire about it.

large abstract pink and black painting

Here’s another example of a recent 60″x60″ commission I did for my friend Naina. I can’t wait to see it up on the wall in her home office!


Top photo by Tammy of A Loyal Love, bottom photo by me.