1. FripperyVintage

    I’m definitely not a camper but some of the new camps are beautiful. I would try glamping if I have running water!

  2. Miro - Dose of Dash

    Meg, I totally agree! Why be uncomfortable outside and have to go to the bathroom outside (gross) if you can just spend the day hiking, kayaking, etc. and then retreat to your cabin where you can STILL have a bonfire at night and roast marshmallows.

    My friends (and past boyfriends) always made me feel like a princess because I hate camping, but at the end of the day I’d like a bed (or at least an air mattress) and a toilet, thank you very much! Just because I don’t like camping doesn’t mean I don’t like doing outdoorsy things!

  3. Melinda's Musings

    I went camping for the very first time last year, and I loved it! We never did it when I was a kid, and in college I moved to NYC, sooo camping was never a big thing. But last year I ended up going 3 different times – and one of those trips we white-water rafted in the Adirondack’s and slept in tents by the river. No bathrooms, no showers, no one else around except our group – the very opposite of “glamping”! It was fantastic. Glamping has become such a big trend, but I’m ok with roughing it …at least if it’s only for 1 night! 😉

  4. Jess | the Jess Journals

    I’m definitely more of a glamper than a camper myself! haha

  5. Ashley

    I want to glamp so bad it hurts! It sounds like TONS of fun, and that’s the only way I’ll be going “camping”..

    xo Ashley

  6. Vanessa

    I’m loving the idea of “glamping” for the summer. There’s a video about it on YouTube at and I’m looking forward to being glamorous while camping this summer!

    Vanessa 🙂


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