1. Carlene: Healthfully Ever After

    It’s sad but true-we are so removed from our food and many people just don’t care about what they eat or how it tastes! I think one of the big ‘ah-ha’ moments I get with clients is when I ask them if the food they’re eating actually, really tastes good to them. And the answer, to those microwave pizza bites or snack cakes in a vending machine….usually No.

  2. Cara

    I have not read this book, but others on the same topic. If you haven’t already, check out a few documentaries available on Netflix: Hungry For Change, Food Matters, Forks Over Knives.. And there’s many more! The more people we can educate the sooner we can stop tasteless fake produce!!

  3. Victoria

    The good news is that after two years in DC I moved home to KC to find the food options VASTLY improved. I can go weeks and months without eating at a single chain and many are farm to table options from great stuff right in the heartland.

  4. Hitha On The Go

    I’m going to have to download this book ASAP. Reading “Salt Sugar Fat” got me to significantly reduce the amount of processed food I consume, and opt for local and seasonal produce as much as possible. Food is a scary, scary thing.

  5. lori @

    So many good points, Meg. Loved the excerpt about Italy – I found that to be my experience there as well. Perhaps those who developed processed foods originally had good intentions, but now we are learning the many cons. Funny, how the food culture is coming full circle – growing your own food is so, well . . . in vogue now! Thanks for spreading the word.

  6. Angie

    I also loved this book! It made me more aware of at least trying to eat locally Other good/similar reads are Michael Pollen’s “the omnivore’s dilemma” and “animal factory” by David Kirby, thought that focuses more on the meat industry.

  7. Hilary Phelps

    Agree. Read “Salt, Sugar, Fat” by Michael Moss next…

  8. Maddy

    Just to echo one of the commenters above, Netflix has a TON of really good food docs on these very issues – farm to table, overall health decline, how the industry has changed, etc. I really liked Forks Over Knives and Hungry for Change, and Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead has a kind of gross title but the story is really engaging. Check those out if you have time! 🙂

    Love this post!

  9. Renee

    I love that book! I have made all the recipes! I think about that book every time I shop or cook! I have a 1 acre organic garden in Seattle and now try to grow all I can! I now think about every aspect of my food, where it came from, is it in season, can I cook it with little energy used? and so on!
    Thanks for sharing!

  10. Alyssa//Runway Chef

    I grew up in a family where everything was made from scratch, we rarely went out to eat, and my Mom would go all over creation just to get fresh eggs or milk (we even had it delivered in the glass jugs for a while). When I went to college outside KC and there were all of 3 fast food restaurants to choose from, I went through some really unhealthy years, before realizing my Mom had it right all along…

  11. Kristin @ W [H] A T C H

    I love this book! After I read it I was plotting out how to get unpasteurized milk and I think my husband thought I had lost my mind when I told him I was going to tell a farm down the road that it was for my cat (we have no cat).

  12. K-Lee

    I live in NW DC as well and food is SO EXPENSIVE! It’s ridiculous. I like to call whole foods “whole paycheck” and don’t even get me started on yes! organic market! However, the farmers markets are great. I lived in Takoma, DC for a little bit and found their farmers market to be absolutely amazing. Yes, it’s a little bit of a trek but so worth it. Every Sunday from 10-2.
    Here’s some more info:

    Thanks for writing this post, you’ve inspired me to be more conscious about the food I’m eating!


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