meg biram

Nothing like an anniversary or a birthday to make you reflect. Today is my seventh anniversary of blogging. I cannot believe I’m going into my eighth year creating content on my own site! I started in November of 2007 when there weren’t many blogs around. The only two I remember reading at the time were Design*Sponge and Oh Joy! Originally my blog was named MIMI+MEG. Mimi was my great grandmother, and is now what my niece and nephew call my mom.

I rebranded and redesigned the blog about two years ago to what it is today (with a few tweaks since). So naturally after two years, you start to get the itch for a redesign. Although I don’t have anything currently designed yet (I’ve always designed the site myself & then have my developer wizard Elembee do the rest) I definitely have some ideas and sketches floating around for an update.

Seven years is pretty old in the blogging world. It’s an odd industry to be in. When I started my blog I had no idea it would become my job, and I had no intention of monetizing it. I didn’t realize that monetizing it would be an option. Here we are seven years later and it is a huge part of my full-time self-employed gig. Some days (most really) I’m thinking — this is so awesome, I created my job, I do what I love! Other times when I’m feeling low I’m thinking — what the heck am I doing!? What’s the next thing? What direction do I need to be going in?!

That’s the good and the bad thing about this industry. There are lots of ups and downs, and you always have to be on top of the newest thing. What’s new, what’s next, will you go there, will you evolve, new site design, new marketing ideas… It’s exciting and exhausting at the same time. Both things all entrepreneurs will face at some point and I’m grateful that all of those feelings — good and bad — are a part of my daily life.

I’m so grateful for every reader, every comment (I read them all), every follower on every social media outlet I have. Really, I couldn’t do this as my job without all of you, and I’m truly grateful for it.

I hope that I can continue to bring you content that you will enjoy and learn from. My content as evolved over the years to include posts about business, blogging and entrepreneurism in addition to covering fashion, home, art, travel and culture. I truly try to bring something different to the table on my site. I hope that you can see that I try to go the additional mile to bring you interesting topics and posts that are valuable. I know that not everyone will like every post and some people might have no interest in anything I write, curate, photograph, etc. and that’s totally fine. You can’t be everything to everyone. And if you have opinions — which I do — people will disagree with you. Isn’t that what makes life interesting!? I think so.

As I continue to develop content for you here I’d love to hear about your favorite columns and posts, and what you’d like to see more of. Please let me know in the comments or email me.

I’m also going to be revamping my newsletter, and I’d love your thoughts on what exclusive content you’d like to see there. Later today I’ll be sending out a newsletter (totally different from previous ones) pouring out my heart a little. If you’d like to read it, you can sign up (with just an email address) here. I’ve got a few ideas up my sleeve for new content in the newsletter and on my site, but would love to know what content you enjoy the most and what you get value out of. Please leave a comment or email me.

Cheers to seven years and thank you so much for being a part of it!


Photo by Yvonne Rock