Group Consulting Sessions Online

One of the parts of my job is consulting. I consult with anyone from someone thinking they want to start a blog, to current bloggers, to advertising agencies, to a brands and businesses — I’ve done it all. I love helping people figure out how to navigate the overwhelming world of blogging and online marketing.

I know business expenses can get expensive (especially all of the “investing in yourself” conferences, etc.), so I wanted to offer a really affordable option so you can get your questions answered and learn even more than you thought you needed to know beyond the ebooks and information available at The B Bar.

I will be offering two group consulting sessions online — that way anyone from anywhere can join. The sessions will be limited to a small number of people. Each person in the session will submit five questions to me prior to the session — the content of the sessions will be based on your questions. One session will be for bloggers, one session will be for businesses/brands. The reason I’ve separated the sessions, is so we can go more in depth about information that better applies to you if you are a blogger or a business.

So not only are the sessions focused on bloggers or businesses/brands so we can get deeper into each subject, they are online so anyone can sign up, they are in the evening (for America) so if you have a full-time job you can still participate, your questions will be the subject of the sessions, and they are also really affordable. They are limited to a very small group that way I can get to the majority of the questions that each person submits. Get your spot below and email me if you have any questions!

60 minute Group Consult for Bloggers — $49
Tuesday, 3/10 at 9 pm Eastern time
Limited spots available, purchase yours here.

60 minute Group Consult for Brands & Businesses  — $49
Wednesday, 3/11 at 9 pm Eastern time
Limited spots available, purchase yours here.

These sessions will take place on Google Hangout (video) and you will receive an email with information about the session prior to the session.


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