H10 Cubik Hotel in Barcelona

H10 Cubik lobby bar

Vía Laietana, 69, Ciutat Vella, 08003 Barcelona, Spain

On our trip to Spain, we spent four of our 16 nights in Barcelona. There was so much art I had to see there and I didn’t even have time to see it all! Two of those nights we stayed at the W Hotel on the beach, and two we stayed at the H10 Cubik.

I researched several hotels in Barcelona, and admittedly booked pretty late so I probably didn’t have as many options as I could have. There are so many cool hotels in Barcelona. I had a list of around ten that I really wanted to stay in. I ultimately picked H10 because it was the cheapest of the nice hotels on my list and still looked really cool.

The H10 Cubik is located on one of the main streets and is in a central location that feels more local versus touristy. If you say on La Rambla that is more touristy, but the H10 Cubik is just a few blocks over, so you get a more local feel.

The hotel was really close to what ended up being one of our favorite restaurants in Barcelona — Cafe Lolea. We almost went back to eat there a second time because we couldn’t stop thinking about the black truffle risotto. I’m still thinking about it… Continue reading…

My Best Advice on How to Have a Happy Relationship


I got married young. I hadn’t even been 22 years old for two months. I graduated college one week before my wedding day, and had a job offer exactly three days after my graduation and four days before my wedding. The job was in Florida. We lived in Missouri. We did it, all of it, in 2 weeks. Graduated, got a jobs, got married, went on our honeymoon, packed up our stuff and moved to Florida.

My husband and I met at the end of our freshman year in college. We went to different schools about three hours away from each other, but he just happened to be working near where I would be living the summer right after we met. We started hanging out fairly regularly, he met my parents and siblings, and three months later as I left to go back to my University for the fall we hadn’t really defined what was going on. Continue reading…