LINK LOVE 2.2015

Emerson Fry - Snow

The east coast is supposed to be getting a big winter storm starting tonight through Tuesday. Depending on if DC proper actually gets snow means that I will likely be stuck at home tomorrow as the city basically locks down if a few inches of snow falls. They aren’t very good at clearing snow here and with the busses and the amount of traffic it becomes a bit of a nightmare. You wouldn’t think that was possible with just a few inches of snow, but I’ve watched it happen many times over the past four years. Being from the Midwest it’s funny to me just because even if there was 6-inches of snow in the forecast, you are still expected to come to work. Unless there is a blizzard and a foot of snow will be falling while you are at work, you are always expected to come in. Here, if there’s even the threat of bad weather they cancel school and the government offers working remotely to those who can, or even sometimes has a snow day. Seriously!

Now onto links for the weekend:

Love the idea of throwing a Goodbye Boobs party. I would need to throw a Get Some Boobs fundraising party though. Ha!

Speaking of goodbyes — Gap is shutting down Piperlime.

How often do you shower? I’m an every-other-day type. My hair can only go 2-3 days before it looks awful so I can’t go longer than that. But if I don’t workout/sweat a lot every day, I really see no need to shower every single day. I take really hot showers and I know that’s not great for my skin, so by not doing it every day, I think it’s better.

This video of DC is beautiful! I can’t believe I live here sometimes.

I don’t think I’ve ever had pineapple upside-down cake, but I obviously need this pineapple cake pan, ya know for the one time I make them.

It’s like this woman read my mind! And to all my friends, I love your kids. ;)

How often should you wash your bath towels? And your sheets?

For all of you obsessed with the Serial podcast (like me) here’s a new theory for ya.


Photo by Emerson Fry