1. Michelle

    Love the color combo but really love the purse.
    The girls in the family usually head down to Seattle for some quality shopping family time. Not this year though, my boyfriend and I are heading out to Cuba tomorrow so I’m missing out on the shopping action.
    Hope you had a great thanksgiving 🙂

    Holistic Health Coach

  2. azrakun

    Those pumps are great!

  3. Lyndsey Z

    Nice sale finds! Trying hard NOT to purchase the jealous satchel (since I need to be buying for others this time of year), but am so tempted….it’s fab! Happy Black Friday!

  4. Paula Miller

    The color of those pumps is gorgeous! I did a little online shopping yesterday. The mall is too scary! Can’t wait to see your new gift guide 🙂

  5. Danielle Hardy

    I hope you bought yourself something pretty on Black Friday. I know that if i would have seen this post Friday, i would have bought those three items! Those shoes…sooo cute!
    I hope you have a wonderful week Xo

  6. Jaime

    Oh i love those pumps… great color. I resisted all shopping yesterday. it was tough!


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