1. Nancy

    Pink rugs? oh, I don’t think I can fit that into my decor but I would love to use it for a client. It is fun with your choices! Have a great day !

  2. Krystal Schlegel

    I love those Ikat pillows!! Such a cool work of art!

  3. Grace - Stripes and Sequins

    Stunning. I need that vase in my life.

  4. Amanda [Lust Luxe Love]

    Been a long time reader – way before I started my blog last year and honestly I think your blog inspired me to start 😉 I dont know why I’m just starting to comment on here… but your all picks are SO stunning and stylish!! That precioso box is amazing!

  5. Santi

    love the selection 😀

  6. Erika [small shop]

    Mmmm lovely! I’m way into the over dyed rugs…I’ve got a photoshoot tomorrow with a rug client, and I think I may need to take one home with me! Ha!

  7. Azrakun

    I really love your ‘art inspired’ section of your blog!

  8. thedesigndaredevil

    I agree, Pink is a neutral. And so is leopard print. And gold glitter…


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