1. {The Design Daredevil} Jessie D. Miller

    I friggin LOVE that Campaign dresser, but and WAY to thrifty to buy it even if I could come close to affording it. Looks like an excellent thrift store find re-do to me!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Nikki Rappaport

    Ohh that lamp is fabulous!

  3. Brooke Shemwell

    Love that dresser! What a beautiful color.

  4. Blue Dog Belle

    That painting is AMAZING!

  5. Kerry @ Design du Monde

    I really like Linda’s art. I bought two paintings from her last year and they are wonderful!

  6. Kate

    What lovely, bright colours! That lamp is gorgeous.

    Kate {Something Fabulous}


  7. Jamie Herzlinger

    I love agate coasters. Agate has become my new favorite material! I cant wait til a client actually lets me use it!

  8. Hiren Modi

    This is my first comment on your blog. I love that table lamp & quite eager to include this kind of collection on my table lamps page.


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