1. Rachelle

    OMG more books to buy I have two that I have not even touched yet.


  2. brooke

    thanks for the rec’s! I’m currently reading: the dovekeepers, life of pi (late the the party, I know!) & similar to you, want to reread the Great Gatsby. enjoy your weekend!

  3. FripperyVintage

    Can’t wait for The Great Gatsby to come out, it looks so beautiful.

  4. Maureen @sheismoments

    My book club re-read Gatsby last month. I think it was even better this time around!

    I’m a Leo fan for life, so I’m literally counting downt the days till the movie comes out. I just know I’ll weep. 🙂

  5. emma

    Wild is amazing, I could not put it down! Thank you for the other suggestions, i devour books on my commute

  6. Folle De Joie

    I’m currently reading The Secretary, about Hillary Clinton’s time leading the State Department! I really love it, but (pleasantly) surprised that it’s less about her and more about the world from 2009-2013 that desperately leaned on and looked to the US. Really interesting perspective from a Lebanese journalist.

    I’m very interested to read Crazy Love, thanks for the rec!

  7. Jess | the Jess Journals

    Silent Tears sounds amazing. I’d love to pick it up this summer! And I’m so envious that you have a pool! I have a rooftop which is great, except sometimes it gets so hot in the summer that sometimes I’m just running in and out of the rec room for a break in the heat. haha

  8. Elisa

    I just finished Loving Frank-historical fiction about Frank Lloyd Wright from the vantage point of his mistress. I learned all about Mr. FLW in design school but no one ever mentioned what happened in this book. I was shocked to say the least.

  9. Liz {What Dress Code?}

    Wild has been on my list for weeks now, I need to up and order it already! In the meantime, I’ve been reading The Round House, which like you mentioned with a few of yours is hard to read, but so engrossing — it digs into the territory and jurisdiction issues faced by present-day Native Americans when there’s a rape right on the border of tribal vs. state land — like I said, a challenging read but soooo good thus far!

  10. Boudoir Photographer Lethbridge

    I read The Great Gatsby many years ago and am thinking of picking it up again! I can’t wait for the movie to come out, I keep seeing the original on Netflix. I would like to read Wild now based on your review 🙂


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