1. Phoebe

    Congrats on your 8-year anniversary!

    I also found that when you’re focused on yourself (and not on getting a man), the right person seems to walk into your life. I also started dating my boyfriend at 19. Except…we’re still dating (it’s been nearly 6 years) so I’m still wondering when I’m getting married, ha.

  2. Lesley Myrick

    Happy anniversary Meg! What a lovely milestone to celebrate. xo

  3. Alyssa

    Congratulations! I also found that focusing on myself was the best technique. Days after telling myself I would be single until I met someone respectful of my life, I met my boyfriend and we’ve been together ever since. It’s so important!

  4. Sarah van Loon

    Congratulations! This is such an inspiring post (especially for me!). My husband and I’s three year wedding anniversary is tomorrow. We followed a very similar trajectory – met when I was 19, engaged at 21, married at 22, so it’s so wonderful for me to see someone (especially as someone as cool (I know that’s so cliche but it’s true!) and talented and independent as you!) who also married young and is glad they did and is thriving in their relationship.

    Thanks for sharing, Meg. 🙂 Cheers to you and your Mr., and 80 more wonderful years!

  5. Janel

    This is such a sweet story- happy anniversary!

  6. Lauren

    8 years? I am 27 and feel so behind now! haha. Congrats on your happy marriage and happy anniversary!

  7. Christina

    Congrats Meg!! I completely agree that if you focus on yourself, like you said, you’re more likely to find someone right for you. Same thing happened to me and the hubby. It somehow always happens when you least expect it, right? Congrats again! And here’s to many more years of happiness!! Xxxx

  8. Kelly - Fabulous K

    Happy Anniversary! And that is such great advice…I’ve heard so many people say they found their person when they least expected it. Love it!

  9. Naomi A

    Happy Anniversary! I too got married at age 22! It’s my lucky number. This year will be 5 years for us!

    The Occasional Indulgence

  10. sahra

    this is SO ADORABLE! You’re so lucky! It’s true that you can’t help who or when you’ll fall in love; you’re very lucky to have found it so early and to have such an amazing marriage and man!

    XO Sahra

  11. Tobe | Because It's Awesome

    awww. happy dance. love you guys together — happiest anniversary!!

    gotta ditto the focus on self. as in, the more you truly know yourself and what you want (from life AND relationships), the less willing you are to compromise and the better off you (both) are in the end.

  12. Grace - Stripes & Sequins

    Happyk, happy anniversary! <3 you!!

  13. Allyson Conklin

    congrats to you! i have a similar path: met my husband at 18 and married at 23. and we even did the working our butts off in nyc thing in our 20s together! we just celebrated our 7 year anniversary this year and i am so grateful that he came into my life when i was still a baby! enjoy celebrating it! xo

  14. rita

    happy happy anniversary! i got married at 27 and also felt super young since i thought i’d be well into my 30s when i got married!:)

    like you – right after i got focused on myself and decided to eschew men for a while, i met my husband. but i think the secret here is two-fold – 1. legitimately being over the hunt, b/c it’s easy to say it but not really mean it. and 2. i maintained my focus on myself after i met him. every other guy i’d dated i let myself get caught up and did all the stereotypical stupid girl things. this time around i wasn’t looking for it so i kept up my routine, wasn’t overly available, etc. and it wasn’t a game this time – it was real. and it allowed us to get to know each other and fall in love without any pretenses… and 5 years later we are happier than ever!

  15. Dana

    Congrats!! I love happy stories like this!

  16. Nicole

    Happy Anniversary!!

    Although I’ve only been married for four years, I got married when I was 22 (though I gave myself a few months before the Big Day!) to the best man I’ve ever met. And I wasn’t looking for it either – it actually took me a few weeks to get over the fact that feeling something for him slightly annoyed me. (I was in major magazine mode at the time and thought I was too driven to be dealing with a man so young!)

    Anyway I totally feel you is what I’m trying to say! May you and your hubby have many more fantastic years together!

  17. danielle

    happy anniversary! this post is so lovely 🙂

  18. dacy

    Happy anniversary! I actually met my husband when HE was 19 (I was 22), but we were friends for years before dating, and have been married almost three years (since he was 30 and I was 33). Like you, I know just how lucky I am (in my case, since I did do all the dating of jerks in my 20’s) and thank my lucky stars every day!


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