1. rita

    i recently learned that if you lead with an image, google “sees” it and it impacts searchability – never knew this! so all of my image titles are basically useless! thanks so much for providing more info on how to label, lisa!

  2. Jenny

    Great information! Lisa is a wealth of knowledge! Thanks!

  3. Jess | the Jess Journals

    oOoOo bookmarking this! Great tips – did not know about the alt tag!

  4. Lisa Mende Design

    Fab post! Pining to my pinterest “info to keep handy board!”

  5. Stephanie @ Shades of Color Art

    Excellent tips! I was the “img_40.jpg” ones… now I know how to do it right! Thanks!

  6. Catfish & Caviar

    Great & helpful post! Thanks Meg!

  7. Sarah Sarna

    Incredibly helpful tips – thank you!


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