1. Ame

    I am a huge advocate of packing cubes, I love the Flight001 set. I roll my shirts (mostly tshirts and camis…) inside the clothing cube, and leave my pants (usually jeans) folded. That helps save space considerably. For many trips I can get ALL of my clothes, including underwear and pjs, into one cube. For short trips I use the underwear sized cube. I have taken to packing a small bottle of Febreze or going to Target/drugstore when I land to get a container of febreze or downy wrinkle release so that I can freshen up reworn clothes. I rewear my clothes all the time and that helps considerably.

  2. Jenna Pizzigati-Coppola

    Great tips- some I already do (such as rolling my clothes and using tissue paper to limit wrinkling) but a majority of them are new tips that I’ll be sure to use for my upcoming trip to Italy!

    Thanks for sharing,

  3. Rose

    I try to do some of these things—and have gotten better when I’m traveling elsewhere than home, but whenever I go back to my parents’ place I always end up checking a bag! I get a free one, so it’s an enabler to overpacking.

    Blonde in this City

  4. Caitlin

    A random tip if you can’t get a steamer: I pack an empty, mini water sprayer. I never iron my clothes (even at home!). Just simply spray water on wrinkles, hang, and the wrinkles fall right out! It’s a little tip I picked up while shopping in Pottery Barn on a day they were staging a shoot 🙂

  5. Cece Rider

    I am obsessed with your shoes! Do you remember where they are from?

    I loved these tips. I could have used them for my business trip to Vegas last week. I feel like Vegas needs its own packing guide anyways haha

  6. Laura

    I love your shoes! Do you know who makes them?! I definitely want to try to find these! Thank you!

  7. Naomi May

    Great tips, Meg! I also like to plan the outfits I am going to wear. In this way I save space of taking clothes, which most probably I won’t put on. Best regards


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