1. Jess Zimlich

    I think #3 can be applied to pretty much any vacation! I’ve definitely made this mistake a time or two. Lesson learned 😉 I get eaten alive by bugs here in KC, so I can only imagine what would happen to me down there!

  2. Lance

    Ah Kalik! We got married in the Bahamas and had that at our wedding. Aloe is critical!

  3. Julia

    Going to Guana for my forth trip. You nailed in on all your comments. I couldn’t say it better.
    I sent a link to all those going with us that haven’t been. Thanks.
    PS I meet a guy in BVI that went every year with 2 bath suits and 2 t-shirts and wore the same thing there and back and of course the snorkeling stuff and that what I remember every time I pack and I always take too much stuff I don’t wear, must be a girl thing.


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