1. Leslie

    I like Nicole Richie and I like that she went for something elegant–but she failed miserably. That dress and that makeup=matronly + crazy.

  2. Sara

    I thought Kerry Washington looked amazing last night! Jessica Alba was also one of my favorites. I loved the color and cut of her dress.

  3. Samantha Penner

    My favorite (hands down) was Kate Hudson! She looked incredible.

  4. Kimberly

    I second Kate Hudson. She was absolutely stunning. She owned the room.

  5. Megan

    Great collage job! I think Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Hudson take the cake for me!

  6. Holly Phillips @ The English Room

    Love this. Kate and Jessica Alba were my fav.

    You might enjoy my post with room to dress pairings.

    See you next week at ALT!

    Holly Phillips @ The English Room

  7. Ashley

    I loved Zooe Deschanel and Kate Hudson’s the most. They were SO good. And that color on Jessica Alba is gorgeous. But, I hated Lucy Lui’s dress. Hated.

    xo Ashley

  8. Paula

    So funny! I haven’t posted my red carpet picks but I felt the exact same way about Nicole Richie… Not Sure! You didn’t pick Clare Danes. She was my favorite in red. Kate Hudson rocked her dress.

  9. lauren @ la petite fashionista

    I absolutely love your recap– it’s so unique. I love your take on the best dresses and trends. I’m a fan of the pastel for the red carpet- at least its something new!


  10. Mollie Elizabeth

    Jessica Alba looks amazing and Anne Hathaway was one of our faces! Not a huge fan of the other pastel looks.


  11. Christine

    Tina and Amy did an awesome job – I just wish they were on air more often throughout the Globes. Great pull together on the fashion. Anne Hathaway is just classic, in Chanel of course.


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